New UST logo draws cheers, jeers

Updated June 25, 1:21 p.m. - UST HAS unveiled a new logo, but many Thomasians are not exactly excited about it.

The new design encloses the University seal in a circle set in yellow. The outer black ring contains the words "UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS" and "MANILA 1611" in white color. The old shield-like seal is retained and placed at the center.

According to a memorandum issued by Secretary General Fr. Florentino Bolo, Jr., O.P., last June 21, the Council of Regents approved the revised design in a meeting that same day.

But the logo soon became a hot trending topic on social networking sites soon after “UST QUADRI,” the Facebook page maintained by the Office of the Secretary General, uploaded a digital copy.

In less than two hours came a Facebook page called “No to UST’s new university seal." As of posting time, more than 10,000 Facebook users “liked” the page.

Here are some of the comments:

"There's too much going in the logo, a lot of yellow, black, and white—it's too disturbing," said alumnus Ian Anderson Rabino. "Stick to the principle 'less is more' and be tactful and regal in designing our beloved UST's logo."

"The previous seal makes Thomasians more proud because there is elegance in its simplicity and uniqueness," said senior Psychology student Sharlynn Miranda Tamayo. "All Thomasians must have a say on this issue since we all make up the University."

But alumnus Denz Villanueva said the incorporation of UST's name on the seal would make it easier to identify.

"Hindi pwedeng seal lang, dapat talaga may description kung ano yun. Parang produkto ‘yan eh, dapat may branding para makilala at bumenta," he said.

The University seal—the 13th design since 1619—is a light blue shield with gold frame quartered by the black-and-white Dominican Cross on which the sun of St. Thomas Aquinas is superimposed.

On its quadrants are the four gold symbols—the Papal Tiara, the lion derived from Spain's seal, the sea lion from Manila City's old seal, and the rose. They represent UST's pontificate, royal patronage of Spain, belongingness of the University to the Republic of the Philippines, and the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, respectively.

Commenting on the criticisms on the new logo, Bolo said criticisms on the new logo might be considered by the Council of Regents, which is set to meet on the issue again.

Bolo said the council decided to include UST's name in the logo so it could be identified more easily.

But he said that the round text might be removed, particularly during UAAP games, making it undeterminable when it is being lined up with other schools' logos in which their names are indicated.

"Although some claim that our logo [being nameless] is something unique for UST. I think it only applies here in the Philippines," he added.

Bolo said that the titles “Pontifical” and “Royal” were dropped in the new design because they are not included in the official name of University, and that UST only uses the name “University of Santo Tomas” in its records, official documents, and legal documents.

"Actually, the suggestion came from the Curia in Rome," he said. "It said that there should be a consistency on the name of the University and on the title to be placed in the logo; that is why we have to take out the titles."

Bolo also said that that he had informed Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P., Rector of the University, and the Council of Regents on criticisms against the logo.

"The Council of Regents just had its meeting last Tuesday, so these issues would be brought up on the next council meeting," he said. Rafael L. Antonio

PLEASE reconsider

I have no certified credibility to say that the new logo design is unacceptable, inelegant, or that it does not particularly have any kind of positive impact of being a UST logo. But, I would say that the new logo design is creating a division in the Thomasian community. Please hear the opinions of the students and alumni, or at least of those from CFAD and Arki.


The new design encloses the University seal in a circle set in yellow. The outer black ring contains the words "UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS" and "MANILA 1611" in white color. The old shield-like seal is retained and placed at the center. Waiting for some more review.Thank you....


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No to UST's new logo, come on guys, let's stick to the Original Logo. Please don't change it anymore. You don't have to change the logo, it is elegant and unique.

the logo itself is enough

it's better late than never here's my two cents on this topic, we all know the logo of mercedes benz, bmw, ferrari, red cross red cresent, etc. there are no names in these logos and yet we know those brands, UST's logo is unique, classic and enduring, don't change the official seal. if you want everyone to know the UST logo, it's the students job and alumni's and everyone who is part of UST to let it known to the world our university's logo. be proud of it, display it and own it.


Kainis. -.-

new logo????

its nothing new except na nilagyan lang ng yellow and black color plus the text..just stik to the old one...

I like this better.

Ang sa akin lang... Here is the link:

yes... it's more appropriate

yes... it's more appropriate for the UST...

Ang pangit. Sobra. Ligwak!

Ang pangit. Sobra. Ligwak! Pwede naman atang paganahin ang utak ng mga gumawa niyan noh? May utak ka. Gamitin mo. Ewww talaga.

Is there any update on what

Is there any update on what has happened to the meeting of the Council of Regents? Have they silenced the issue already and still pushed for the "new logo?"

Royal Title

The Pontifical title is still functional but the Royal is already obsolete ever since the end of Spanish rule in the Philippines in 1898. Santo Tomas no longer enjoys the royal patronage from the crown of Spain but still uses the Royal title due to symbolic reasons.

Unique na yun LOGO natin gusto pa itulad sa iba..

UST seal represents the uniqueness of every THOMASIAN. The shield shape signifies the originality of UST compared to other universities round LOGO. Why do we need to go with the flow just to be known?? I know UST and Thomasians have their own ways to be known.. " I support NO TO UST NEW LOGO campaign"


I know for a fact that we are dismayed with the revised logo. (I don't think its a new logo since they just put the old logo in a circle). We should still respect the Dominicans. I've been reading below the belt comments insulting the religious group. Please guys, say your sentiments against the revised logo with respect.

Besides, as you read the article, they will still have a series of meeting regarding the revised logo. Maybe thats their answer to the negative comments.

Its the RIGHT of the Dimonincans if they will revised the logo of the university. But I just do hope that before they finalize everything, they should seek the expertise of the university, the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD), whats the purpose of that college if they can't participate in this kind of move.

I'm hoping for the best in the coming days regarding the matter.


I would like to commend the idea of changing the old UST logo into a new one so it will become more recognizable to others who are not familiar to UST. However, they should have come up to a better design. The proposed logo was too simple that it presents no impact. I believe it's mediocre. Perhaps, they should have asked the assistance of professional artists or CFAD and Architecture students to come up with an appealing logo.

I have to agree with what you

I have to agree with what you said. Sad thing is, a student from the College of Architecture (daw!) designed the logo. Tsk.

SEC registration

The last time I checked, the university was registered in SEC under the name "Real y Pontificia Universidad de Santo Tomas". They didn't drop the "royal and pontifical" title.

Rebranding Fail

I'm not a Thomasian but I really love the old UST logo. It's classic. And if they insist on putting a name, why not create something that is similar to Ateneo, they even used a custom typeface. A modern typeface placed with an ancient seal just doesn't work.


para makilala at bumenta.
Great defense mister Denz Villanueva, tama nga naman KELANGAN BUMENTA PERA PERA DB?


'Para bumenta' tama nga naman, sino ba naman ayaw ng pera db Mr Denz Villanueva? Good Defense

Suggestion vs Order (re: Curia in Rome)

Hindi naman inutos ng Curia in Rome na palitan, nag-suggest lang naman sila. Ano ito? Kapag sinabi gagawin kagad? Bawal umapela? Bawal mag-rebut? Bawal umimimik? Hindi lahat ng inuutos kailangan sundin. Pwede magsalita. Pwede mag-disagree.

I really prefer the name to be in Latin kung gusto talaga nila lagyan ng pangalan.

i'm an arki graduate, and i

i'm an arki graduate, and i didn't get any lessons in branding, but i think i know a thing or two about it. is ust not confident with her 400 years of existence? starbucks removed the name, nike works with just the check, because the logo itself is already identified with the brand. yes, we might still need to place the name, but please make it classy, not looking like it's desperate for attention.

NO to the new logo

Es pena que ellos hubieran cambiado el sello a algo que parece cutre. Please change the seal back to its previous look. The former logo looked regal with its simple design. Why fix something that isn't broken?

i just don't know if the

i just don't know if the university officials might see this... i just recalled seeing UST's seal on a white background, enclosing the seal in a circular form/manner is the name UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS 1611. simple yet elegant, doesn't lambasts the seal that we all knew and loved. it doesn't need to be shaded with varsity colors nor drawn with polygons/shapes. nahhh, just a suggestion

It's just a logo, jeez.

First off, galing sa Roma yung suggestion. Inconsistent na yung old logo sa official title ng UST. Pangalawa, logo lang yan. Hindi naman dinedetermine ng logo yung quality of education ng Santo Tomas. Unless napakababaw niyo mag-isip dahil "oooh ampangit naman!!1" lang ang rason, move on. As if naman may naka-tattoo yang logo sa balat ninyo. Gagamitin lang sa mga letterhead yan, and other people couldn't care less even if nag stay yung logo o hindi. Stop whining.

Not Just A Logo, it is a university seal.

It's NOT JUST a LOGO, it is a university seal. You're correct that the seal or logo doesn't determine the quality of education BUT it summarizes and symbolizes the identity of the university. Your statement is like saying "the campus is just a campus, why not put up a food court right in front of the main building. It goes to say "the statue is just a statue, why not place the shrine of Benavides in front of the garage or the area where they put the garbage. Or like "the UST banner is just a flag, just put there the face of an angry tiger, it doesn't determine the quality of education anyways".

The cheap design of the logo might say the quality of education given to CFAD. Besides life sciences and medical arts, UST is known for fine arts and architecture. Nakakabastos sa quality of education ng CFAD and Arki sa ginawaing design sa seal.

Pa-star lang kayong lahat e. Miss Universe kayo lahat?

Ito na nga lang yung isa sa mga kakaunting "news" sa Varsi di nyo pa binasa.

Basahin nyo kasi ung mga reasons kung bakit binago, eto nakasulat na nga dito o. Bago kayo magcomment, magbasa kayo, nang magmuka kayong matalino. Oo, advice un. Kakaawa naman kayo e, nasstress kayo.

Angry much? It's called an

Angry much? It's called an opinion. Check the dictionary.


We shouldn't conform to the other university seals because this is what made UST unique in the first place. The new logo made UST lose the elegance and timelessness it is best known for, so no. A BIG, FAT NO TO THE NEW LOGO.

If Identity in international level is the issue

Our happened to be a shield more of a coat of arms seal perhaps because of the age of our school. This uniqueness also defines who we our and our rich history.

If the concern is to incorporate the name of the university, I think we can look on how western universities placed their name on their seals.

For example:


parang mas maganda atang kumuha sila ng suggested designs from the whole community.... parang sa college shirt lang na madaming mag submit ng designs and then at the end of the day mag bobotohan ang whole community kung anu yung pinaka magandang design and then majority wins.

Understanding the Point

It may be clear on WHY there is a need to change the logo, but what is unclear probably to the majority is WHAT ugliness that new design is. It doesn't match the "need for consistency" with names. UST is Pontifical and Royal, it needs a logo that is consistent with those titles even if the titles themselves were removed. Sadly, I cannot see any of those titles in the way the new logo is designed.

This Is Disappointing

They should have asked the students or even conducted a survey before releasing this "LOGO". Ang pangit, mas maganda yung dati. Mukha talagang seal for the PONTIFICAL and ROYAL UNIVERSITY of SANTO TOMAS.
Tsk. I'm so disappointed.

much classier

the old logo is much classier, 400 years we survived without the need to change branding, why bother changing? gumawa na lng sila ng advertisement pero no need na ichange yung logo nagmumukhang cheap yung university.

New UST Logo resemblance

When I saw the new logo it reminded me of TIP. Click Here .


The new one is very cheap-looking, NO TO THE NW LOGO!!!
It removes the elegance and uniqueness of our old logo. We have a whole college dedicated to design and the arts, why not let them make it?



They always say that the

They always say that the students are the most important part of the university. Bakit hindi man lang nila kinuha yung panig ng lahat ng students and alumni tungkol sa pag babago ng logo?? No to UST's new logo!!

Why Change

di hamak namang mas maganda na yung dati, kahit walang pangalan yan, kapag inilinya mo yan sa ibang paaralan, alam mong UST yan!!! kasi KATANGI-TANGI yan!!! maski walang pangalan nakakatayo pa rin yan ng may dangal!!!! pinagmukhang ewan ang bagong design, d pinag-isipan... masabi lang na may bagong design!!! anu ba yan!


if there's really a need for the name to be included in the logo, check these out: i just wanna share my 2 versions of the UST seal...thanks :)

the 1st drawing is more

the 1st drawing is more appropriate and more applicable... better if "manila" will be taken out since the whole world knows that the ust established in 1611 is from manila, phi :)

Re New UST logo draws cheers, jeers

We know that tradition is so strong but we still need to move on. Moving means to enhance or to develop but with the new logo, it seems that the group of creator doesn't consider the artisty that UST is known for. Logo is like a flag that it symbolizes the whole community and the content of the logo should inculde its history, uniqueness to others, and its mission. The present logo suits it well, aside from the history and its mission, you can see the uniqueness from its shape whenever UAAP comes, UST can be identified in an instant. Uniqueness is also the symbols used from top left to bottom right, we can tell the UST history and on its center the superimposed cross by the Dominicans. You can not find any of those to others. IT IS ENOUGH. Circling the name "UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS, 1611" is not necessary because like the flag, there is no text saying "PHILIPPINES" or any other country. Logo is a symbol, symbol means no text and for UST logo it is definitely the same.

The Dominicans in Rome

The Dominicans in Rome suggested it, pero bakit ganito yung design. Gawin naman sana nilang classy, hindi niya kasi nirerepresent yung pagiging 400 years old ng university. Sana nagbase sila dun sa title na ROYAL and PONTIFICAL, kahit alisin nila iyon, basta well represented naman sana sa ginawa nilang new logo. Iba kasi ang nangyari, para kasing ginawa lang nila to for the sake of UAAP.


We like the old one, it's already perfect!
The new one, NOT GOOD!!!!!

No way

If there are more disapproval than otherwise I say we retain the old one. I think this is the perfect opportunity to show that UST is not deaf when it comes to criticism of students and alumni alike. NO TO UST's NEW LOGO!

As far as i know.. when you

As far as i know.. when you see that Logo.. that majestic logo.. you already know its UST.. :((


if the authorities in Rome suggested that there should be a consistency in the name of the school, then there's no need for a name to be put on the logo...there's nothing wrong with it. no one's confused about it, so don't change it. PLEASE hear the voices of many Thomasians...


THE ROYAL AND PONTIFICAL UNIVERSITY A.K.A. University of Santo Tomas. *what? come again? it's not indicated there*. BOO TO THE NEW SEAL! manhole cap.

"the suggestion came from the

"the suggestion came from the Curia in Rome"


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