Friday, January 19, 2018


World Bank economist Oscar Picazo Born to live the African dream

A SELF-CONFESSED frustrated journalist and poet, former Varsitarian editor in chief Oscar Picazo said he had never thought that his managing skills and sense of altruism would expand his small world enough for him to become the World Bank’s (WB) senior economist on health and social projects in Africa. “Working in Africa, I learned real development that I could not get anywhere else,” Picazo told the Varsitarian.

US Archt. Rosanna Ngo-Dolan Finding a better and profitable use for her T-square

AS A YOUNGSTER, she taught herself calligraphy with a little help from book instructions. She learned the art almost intuitively.

Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina Jr. Capturing the Pinoy Psyche

Just like his alter ego Polgas, Pugad Baboy creator and Thomasian artist Pol Medina Jr. loves to muse and ramble about Pinoy life over a cold mug of beer and a company of fellow beer-bellied friends.

International pianist Reynaldo Reyes Playing his way to the world

IT WAS her dream to become a doctor so she could heal through medicine. But a twist of fate made her decide to heal through her therapeutic soothing voice.

Sofia Josephine Mozo From med tech to bossa music

IT WAS her dream to become a doctor so she could heal through medicine. But a twist of fate made her decide to heal through her therapeutic soothing voice.

Winnie Cordero Funny girl on and off the air

SHE’S a mainstay on ABS-CBN’s morning show, Magandang Umaga Bayan, often seen interviewing people on the streets of Metro Manila and giving them gift packs. But not long ago, this bubbly radio and TV personality was conducting simple science experiments in Sineskwela and cracking jokes with the child stars of Ang TV.

Red Ribbon GM Regina Bautista-Navarrete Creative reengineering

EITHER you are good at numbers but bad at letters or good at letters but bad at numbers, so they say. But Thomasian marketing icon Maria Regina “Gina” Bautista-Navarrete is clearly an exception, for she was an accomplished campus journalist during her college days and a respected engineer who’s now into helping managed the country’s biggest fast-food conglomerate.

Treb Monteras Music video’s treblemaker

IMAGINE getting to do what you love best and being handsomely paid for it. For the general run of humanity, it is a path only a lucky few have been blessed to take. But for this 27-year-old music video director, it is about what his favorite novel, The Alchemist, has always reminded him: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

UST Tiger turned restauranteur Rudy Yu There’s a Tiger in the kitchen

JUST DO it. This is the credo Rudy Yu has always lived after. Using the techniques he got as a former UST basketball player and a Management student from the College of Commerce, he managed to overcome many hurdles to shoot way to success in business.


We know ice cream by flavors like vanilla, chocolate, ube, mango and rocky road. But how about atis, green tea and durian? Believe it...