Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The others in the story

DO YOU believe in things you do not see? Alejandro Amenabar’s The Others poses this intriguing question.

Nicole Kidman, plays a mother forced to become the man-of-the-house. Living with her two children in an isolated mansion, she waits for her husband Charles, played by Christopher Eccleston, to return from World War II.

New breed of winners

THE SWEETEST songs are those that tell the saddest thoughts, according to Percy Shelley.

But for the Himig Tomasino Intercollegiate Song Festival, the sweetest songs are those that celebrate life, hope, and love. These are songs that not only arouse emotions but also please the senses.

Aside from the solo and chorale competitions, two categories, the duet and pop group, were added in this year’s songfest.

Disturbing behavior

The word disturbing is the apt description for Perpetrators, a Dramatis Personae presentation for its 14th season last Sept. 28 and 29 at the Republic of Malate.

The play, translated from German (Täter) by Ella Wildridge, is a tragic farce on child sexual abuse. The story traces the psychological effects of sexual abuse on children and the reasons that drive parents into such assaults.

Love in its most depraved form

BASED on the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, Original Sin is a story about the fatal emotion called love.

Starring Antonio Banderas and Anjelina Jolie, the film depicts love in its most depraved. It opens with Jolie’s character, Julia Russell, narrating to a priest the events that led to her imprisonment.

Her story takes place in Cuba, where Luis Durand (Banderas), a wealthy plantation owner awaits the arrival of his mail-order-bride—Julia.

Shipping the books of charity

IMAGINE a ship almost the same age as the Titanic that sails around the world with about 300 volunteers of different nationalities on board. It is also the world’s largest and oldest floating bookshop with the aim to promote books as a means of education.

A spinster nurse’s late blossoming

MOST men would ignore a dull, conservative, and stern spinster who is as prickly as a cactus. But what happens if she becomes a beautiful lady?

Directed by Zeneida Amador, Abe Burrow’s Cactus Flower, the second play of Repertory Philippines’ in its 63rd theatrical season, tells about spinster nurse’s make-over after being asked to play wife to a dentist. Incidentally, she unconsciously wins the favor of the doctor as well as his mistress.

Splendid night of ballet

BALLET Philippines (BP) opened its 32nd season with Live, Hot, & Blue, a performance ballet choreographed by renowned ballet gurus William Morgan, Alvin Ailey, and Alice Reyes.

Morgan’s Classical Symphony is a neo-classical piece by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. The members of the company awed the audience with their well-coordinated movements and grace. The dancers’ svelte bodies moved in time with the tempo of the music.

Eye to eye in Stalingrad

In Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Enemy at the Gates, the war between two states is reduced to a conflict between three men.

The story starts with the friendship of Danilov (Joseph Fiennes), a Soviet political officer, and Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law), a Russian sharp-shooter.

Danilov survives an encounter with Nazi troupes and witnesses his friend, Vassili shoot down with a marksman’s facility several Nazis in Stalingrad, the last unconquered city of Russia. The fall of the city would have given the Germans access to the oil fields of the Caucasus.

From an artist’s lineage

AT SEVEN months old, he already held paint brushes. At three, he started drawing. And, at six, he had his first one-man painting exhibit.

For 17-year-old Eleazar Abraham Luna Orobia, the manifestations of his talent in painting came too early. This teenager has in his name seven one-man shows and 37 group exhibitions. He has joined his father and other respected artists like Racuya Albida, Ben Cabrera, Jose Joya, and Al Perez in group exhibitions.

Daan sa pagkilala kay Aguinaldo

MARAMING pangyayari sa ating kasaysayan na mahirap maunawaan.

Ang desisyon ni Pangulong Emilio Aguinaldo na nagbigay-daan sa pananakop ng mga Amerikano ang isang halimbawa nito.

Sa dulang El Camino Real, na orihinal na akda ni Nick Joaquin at isinalin sa Filipino ni Ony de Leon, ipinakita si Aguinaldo bilang anak, heneral, at presidente. Ipinaliwanag din kung bakit siya nag-atubili na agawin ang Maynila mula sa mga Espanyol nang walang tulong mula sa mga Amerikano.