Thursday, April 27, 2017


Nobel laureate named ‘honorary professor’ by UST

PERUVIAN-Spanish author Mario Vargas Llosa was named “honorary professor” by the University on Nov. 7 for being a “divinely gifted storyteller.” The 80-year-old Vargas Llosa,...

‘Use written word to counter social ills’

WRITERS should write to address social issues and not just for personal gain. This was the message of a number of writers during the lecture...

Creative Nonfiction: The dame of 21st Century literature

FOR THREE of the University’s premier writers, creative non-fiction (CNF) is the genre of the techonological age. Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, director of the Center for Creative...

Dipping Down the Agua Bendita

OUTSIDE, the sky flashed and cracked, and the rain poured with fierce abandon. My socks were soggy and my leather shoes were wrinkled with...

A Catholic Traverse

PIQUE interest As to how the hands tread Over the Holy Rosary Like wanderers On a promising boulevard, Traversing bead after Bead after bead Whence grace and salvation Await on the finish. However,...

Bread Schtick

FOR SOME reason, the heat felt particularly punishing today. Walking through the front door, I was hit by the scent of eucalyptus and camphor,...


SWIFTLY or slowly, after every solution and reshuffle, I keep winding up to the good old first layer Of the Rubik’s cube thus and so, swiveling the edges and corners, solving...

Bobis leads UST winners in Palanca Awards

THREE Thomasian writers were honored at the 66th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature last Sept. 2 at the Peninsula Manila in Makati. This...

New Thomasian talents showcased in 31st Gawad

FIFTH-YEAR Civil Engineering major Paulo Miguel Gabuat was bestowed this year’s Rector’s Literary Award (RLA) during the the 31st Gawad Ustetika, the country’s longest-running campus-based literary derby, last March 5 at the Buenaventura G. Paredes, O.P. building.

Gabuat got the Rector’s Award for his short story, “The Lampiko,” which earlier had won first prize in the Fiction category.

The Rector’s Literary Award is chosen among first-prize winners of the various Ustetika categories and is awarded to the work that best reflects “the University’s Catholic vision of grace and redemption.”

Compass Points

BETWEEN the limbo

of sleep and wakefulness,

comes the time to yield

and surrender.

Those twin points

realign in my mind—

your firmness

and my restlessness.

They circle,

amidst whispered sentiments

that remain unanswered,

riling up nocturnal feelings,

as I retrace it all:

the widening

and narrowing breadth

between our bodies.

Still, my heart is elated

for even the most crooked

of conjoined arcs must meet

where the wandering orbit

comes to rest.

C.A.P. Sta. Cruz