1. I have a simple suggestion. Join government service especially front line agencies and you will know how messy the system is. By that time youll know what you are talking about. And youll realize, shucks, along the way Duterte was right.

    But in the meantime, let me tell you this. If indeed the govt is strong enough, why do we have to resort to an edsa revolt to oust a seating president. Not just once dude but thrice.

    If indeed the govt is strong enough, why is the system prone to corruption… to political accommodation.

    If indeed the govt is strong, why was mariano, judy and gina lopez, ousted from office when the president has, as you said, a supramajority in Congress.

    Do us a favor dude. Read migdal: strong societies, weak states. It will help you realize how powerful the oligarchs are and why govt is too weak.