1. I can personally attest. I have, and me myself, seem to have become “robots” rather than humans enjoying study. Ofcourse, compared to my load, some students study for longer hours in a week, especially those within the field of medicine and pharmacy. The thing is, although all of them must succumb to the culture of “babad sa aral”, NOT ALL are fit inside the structure. I REALLY attest, that ofcourse, sometimes study is dehumanizing when the individual is seen as a “package” that must necessarily be, and a little less than perfectly produced. Education must make us virtuous, not merely products that fit inside a CAPITALISTIC society. But let me clarify, I do not condemn this entirety, especially that I myself is a product of this system, more so of UST herself. But what I do really assume, is that the competitive atmosphere REALLY has a direct effect on the students’ mental health. Thank you father Rector!