Friday, February 23, 2018

Special Reports

Lacson flyover project pushes through

DESPITE strong opposition from UST officials, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is pushing through with the plan to build a flyover along Lacson Avenue.

Alex Bote, DPWH project manager of the Lacson flyover since 2014, said the start of the construction period was moved to late 2016 due to revisions in the design.

The four-lane flyover, aimed at easing traffic woes in the area, was originally designed to start at Alcantara Street and end near Dapitan Street. The endpoint has been extended three blocks further to Aragon Street.

Addressing anxiety and depression among youth

ANXIETY is common among Thomasians, according to the UST Counseling and Career Center (CCC).

Results of the “depression scale report” of the CCC for Academic Year 2013-2014, the most recent data, yielded an average score of 57.21, which suggested that Thomasians, mostly sophomores, were feeling lethargic, sad and disinterested but that the score was “not enough to warrant a diagnosis for depression.”

The report added that none of the respondent groups got an average score of 60-69, the significant value indicating if depression was present or not.

The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.”

UST ranks 101st in Asia

Table shows the top three Philippines schools’ ranking in 2009 and 2010 released by the London-based Times Higher Education-Quacqerelli Symonds survey on Asia’s top 200 universities. Graphics by Carla T. GamalindaTHE UNIVERSITY welcomed the new academic year—and its Quadricentennial—on a high note by securing the 101st spot in the annual listing of Asia’s Top 200 Universities by the London-based Times Higher Education-Quacquarelli-Symonds (THE-QS), UST was tied with Japan’s Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University. Last year, it placed 144th.

De La Salle University trailed behind UST at 106, while no significant changes were seen im the rankings of Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines, which landed 58th and 78th, respectively.

In the field of Social Sciences, the University fell from 75 last year to 83 this year. It also declined in Arts and Humanities, dropping from 55 to 69.

However, UST went notches higher from 85 to 69 in Biomedicine.

But still, the Asian rankings placed UST behind Ateneo in Life Sciences and Biomedicine despite the fact that UST offers more courses, dominates licensure exams, and is the acknowledged pioneer in the field.

Is UST ready for its quadricentennary?

WITH a little more than a year to go, anticipation and excitement are building up for UST’s quadricentennial celebrations in 2011, and so are expectations for the once-in-a-lifetime event.

For the year-long event, officials have drawn up big plans consisting of a grand Christmas concert and “Paskuhan,” the unveiling of a new monument and a new University gym costing almost P800 million, an international conference and trade exposition, and even a song-writing contest.

The rationale behind the seemingly broad outlines for UST’s quadricentennial festivities is to show the University’s place in witnessing Philippine history, as well as in shaping it.

“The University wants to reaffirm its significant role in nation-building and service to the Church through its resemblance of moral integrity in four centuries,” Office for Public Affairs Director Giovanna Fontanilla said.

Wika, walang sariling tahanan

SA KABILA ng inaambisyong maging Center of Excellence ang Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas sa iba’t ibang disiplina, nakagugulat isiping wala pa ring sariling language policy ang pinakamatandang unibersidad sa Pilipinas.

Taun-taon, simula pa noong 1980’s, naiulat na sa Varsitarian ang hinaing ng mga guro sa Filipino, Panitikan, at iba pang mga disiplina sa UST na tumatalakay sa paghadlang ng pag-unlad ng bawat disiplina.

Uubra ba ang bagong Gen Ed Department

BILANG tugon sa pagkabigo ng Department of Languages at Social Sciences and Philosophy Department na tuparin ang tungkuling paunlarin ang mga hawak na disiplina, pinagsanib ang mga ito sa General Education Department (Gen Ed), isang departamentong nasa ilalim ng Office for Academic Affairs.

Napapaloob sa dating Department of Languages ang mga disiplinang Ingles, Filipino, Espanyol, at Panitikan. Sa dating Social Sciences and Philosophy Department, nabubuklod ang Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History, Philippine Constitution, at Rizal Course.

College organs find the going either easy or tough, too tough

THE STUDENT publication scene in UST is perceived as one of the liveliest in the country. Nearly every faculty and college has a student organ, something that could not be said of other universities that hardly have a student press, much less a student publication index to boast of. However, red tape, indifference or non-cooperation of college or faculty administration, ignorance among campus writers and college administration of the Campus Journalism Act, and even editorial meddling by the college officialdom conspire to make the campus press in UST less than lively.

… and the unique fees

SOME fees are regarded as “unique” or peculiar to a college or faculty.

At the Conservatory of Music, students are charged a “music fee.”

According to Dr. Raul Sunico, the dean of Music, the music fee varied in the past semesters, depending on the instruments the students were majoring in.

Starting this school year, the fee has been standardized.

“Collectively, the students should shoulder some of the costs of maintaining the instruments, whether they use them or not,” Sunico explained.

Know the other fees …

ASIDE from the tuition and miscellaneous fees, the University also charges students other fees, usually recommended by the deans of colleges and faculties. These are identified in the student registration form as “other fees.” Prof. Florita Aguiling, Budget Office director, identified four:

Local student councils complain of fund lack

THE STUDENT council fee (SCF) is supposed to fund the projects and activities of the student councils. But local student councils are complaining that the SCF is not serving its purpose because it is not properly and regularly disbursed. As a result, the local councils say they cannot implement their projects. Moreover, cash-strapped councils hold fund-raising projects or even shoulder the expenses.

At the College of Nursing, budget requisitions are slow, said Katrina Urbi, council president.