1. Mas maganda yatang topic e yon UST to miss another Final 4 appearance and probably would be on 8th place dahil walang alam ang coach na hindi marunong ng accountability because pag natatalo, players ang sinisisi.

    The Thomasian community are disappointed with Varsitarian as the staff don’t really dig what’s really happening. Tanungin nyo kaya ang sarili nyo kung bakit from Finals nagging 7th place. Hindi naman ganon ang nangyari sa FEU who lost a lot of key players too.

    • Konteng research din kung ano talaga ang nangyayari inside. Paano kaya nakalusot si Sablan as Head Coach when there are other more qualified applicants. Totoo kaya na palakasan lang through Gina Francisco? Huwag nyong sabihing hindi nyo alam. Kung hindi nyo lang din alam e mas mabuti pang huwag na kayong magsulat about Sports and magOrange and Lemons na lang kayo.

  2. Renzo missed practice ONLY ONCE for he had a class till 230 pm so he decided to proceed to AMA practice wc started at 5. UST ends practice at 4pm. In all the other times he practiced with AMA there were no conflicts w UST sched. Renzo wanted to bring back his old form hence he wanted to practice and play with a DLeague team. He decided not to return to practice in fear of the penalty that he may suffer unlike one player who was given a green light to skip practice for he’s long been scheduled to go on vacation in Europe . I dont want to comment here but I felt slighted with the statement of Coach Rabbi putting my son in a bad light.

  3. Let us all move on. Renzo’s decision may be for the better of both parties. Let us leave it at that. For the comment of that basher who obviously wants another group to coach ust, there is definitely no truth to your allegations. Only the UST administration can decide with finality who becomes coach and nobody can influence their decision. This bickering that you bashers are creating will not help the cause of UST basketball. If you are thomasians please give constructive criticisms and be a thomasian in good and bad times. Do not be a Thomasian in Name only! Whether thomasian or not, you are entitled to your own opinion but i assure you that your opinion is purely your own. Leave the decision to UST Admin and leave the coaching to the official coaching staff. Most importantly pray for UST- That is the least you can do. Just please wait for the next UAAP season to start and finish then maybe you can have your chance. For now you can help UST by not being part of the probkem. God bless you with his Unending Grace…..

  4. Uncalled for yung statement ni Rabbi. Eto namang Varsitarian, hindi ganoong quotes ang dapat na binubusisi ninyo. And kung ilalagay man ninyo sa article, hiningi nyo muna yung side ni Subido regarding that particular incident.

    Ginagawang cash cow ng kung sino lang yang UST team. Lahat na ng teams nag level up ang recruitment. Why would prized players like Bonleon and Subido sit the season kung ok talaga ang coach at di puppet ng team manager lang?

    Ang daming nakapila sa Team B pero ang kinuha para pumalit eh maliit na mayayaman hindi man lang tall guard para di halata eh.

  5. You are right Mr. Jimagmar there are alot of players in Team B. One of them Is Ice Dandan from Tiger Cubs Season 76, number 1 in 3 pts. fieldgoal and percentage, 3 points King in NCR Meet Palarong Pambansa. He was also included in Slam Rising Stars the Top 24 players of that season. He was a member Of NCR Palarong Pambansa that year. He was invited to try out for the Gilas Under 18 Team. Up to now, he is still being recruited by other schools. Because of his loyalty to UST for the last 3 years, he is still hoping to play for UST. For sure cases will be brought out against him that is why he’s not being considered. But you can ask players and some asst coaches if he deserves to be a member of the team. He is an ideal wingman with good shooting hand, 6’2″ in height with a long wingspan. .Some players and coaches are saying that he will be next Kevin Ferrer. Even the other coaches are questioning how come he can not be included in the team. He is being overtaken by players with no credentials. The guy is still working out and practicing in another school. He is ready to play anytime. Where is the Development program here as well as the management of the team? A good player is being left out. Politics and favoritism are the main reasons. Hindi lang si Ice ang nawawalan dito, kundi ang UST!

  6. Bonleon, Subido, and Dandan are the best shooters in the team. Maybe in the League.They have the best credentials. They are all tested. How come UST doesnt want shooters. Walang tatalo sa kanila sa present line up ngayon. Alam ng coaching staff yan.The present line up lack shooters. Look at the result of Filoil now. These players have reasons kung bakit sila nawalan ng gana maglaro. Hindi aaminin ng coaching staff yan.Dapat na develop ang mga players na ito. Inalis nila ang Compiyansa ng mga players. You can read between the lines Why? Maybe UST magament doesnt care about WINNING! WAKE UP UST COMMUNITY ! Lets be one. Tigers are Fighters. It’s about time we correct this situation.