Photo by Maria Charisse Ann G. Refuerzo

THE UST Growling Tigers are looking for a new coach to replace Boy Sablan, who was finally sacked following a 1-13 UAAP season.

Sablan, who won only four games in two years as UST coach, will be out effective Nov. 30, Rector Herminio Dagohoy, O.P. told the Varsitarian.

Dagohoy did not say if the entire coaching staff would be replaced.

“In spite of the unsuccessful season for the Tigers, we thank them for their contributions to our program,” he said in a text message.

Dagohoy said UST was still in the “process of determining who the (next) coach would be.”

Growling Tigresses assistant coach Arsenio Dysangco Jr. will facilitate practices for the Tigers until a new coach is named.

Sablan’s replacement will be named by the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics, he said.


  1. Two losing seasons have prompted UST management to let go of Incumbent coach Boy Sablan. The reasons are obvious and it is USTs prerogative to replace the coach with a new one. However, in looking for the new UST mentor, some quarters like the alumni and other interested parties may not know the process involved. These alumni or interested parties are well meaning. They want to help UST rise from 2 years of poor performance in the uaap. Let me be very clear about that.
    UST statutes are at the very top of priorities. The next coach hopefully does not come from another school whose tenure will also be ended by that school bevause his behavior and actions smeared on the reputation of that school. Surely UST reverend Fathers will put a premium on character, behavior, and actions. UST reputation cannot be sacrificed versus wanting to gain basketball prominence. Machiavelian ways are not acceptable in Santo Tomas. Lest we forget, 2 seasons ago a coach brought the tigers to the uaap finals. But when it was proven that he violated the University rules and statutes, his contract was not renewed by UST. UST is the last bastion of true amateurism in collegiate sports. UST does get its championships thru hard work and faith. None of those pirating, extras here and there, and other things that are not above board. Everybody wants a marquee coach, marquee players, high falooting supporter businessmen, and basketball championships, but it should not be at the expense of Thomasian values, the very reason for our pride.
    I am very sure that when the Reverend Fathers get hold of the truth, they will act and decide accordingly, and not allow entities with personal agenda to penetrate our excellent reputation. With the right ingredients and timing and God’s Grace, basketball championships will come. UST has 18 unadulterated Men’s basketball championships with our reputation, pride, and Thomasian values intact. We prat that it remains that way and we inplore God’s Fatherly guidance for our Reverend Fathers to choose the right person whi will guide our athletes to the right way.