1. A very good job and hats off to our student-athletes for gaining a 21 point advantage in the General Championship over closest rival after the first semester of hostilities in the 80th season of the UAAP. This will serve as cushion for our bid to retain the GC in España, the grandest championship of all.
    However, there seems to be an attempt, conscious or otherwise, to belittle or trivialize this perennial UST achievement by the UAAP management and ABSCBN Sports and Action.
    Watching the UAAP 80th season video documentary, one wonders why almost all, if not all, UAAP records in all sports since its inception, were mentioned, except the 41 General Championships of UST, including a 14 year streak.
    The General Championship is the ultimate championship that symbolizes overall athletic excellence in the league. 41 GCs in 80 seasons is the achievement of all achievements. It should be glorified and immortalized by the UAAP because no other school in any sporting event has achieved such heights.
    It is such a pity that genuine UST achievements in the UAAP that should be emulated by all was kept in the background in that “go for great” video, a video that was supposed to showcase the best of the UAAP thru the years.
    UST, specifically IPEA officials, should discuss this oversight with UAAP Management, the host school FEU, and Sports coverer ABSCBN.
    It is utterly unfair.