Friday, February 23, 2018

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Dishonest, mediocre, anti-poor

Illustration by Matthew Niel J. Hebrona

BY ISSUING a statement supporting the population-control bill, Reproductive Health (RH) Bill 5043, the 14 faculty members of the other Catholic university—Ateneo de Manila– betray the canker that may eat into any Catholic institution that, while inherently holy, has tendencies toward evil. Star Wars calls it the Dark Side, St. Thomas Aquinas calls it concupiscence. We simply call it intellectual dishonesty.

The case for creative non-fiction

NOT ALL creative writings are fictional or imaginary. Journalistic but imaginative, they go by the names personal journalism, new journalism, and creative nonfiction. They depict real events with the tools of fiction.

For Prof. Jose Victor Torres of UST’s Faculty of Arts and Letters, creative nonfiction is “a mixture of fact with the principles of writing fiction.”

Campus power bills rise

Illustration by  S.I.R. MacaisaAggressive expansion and the use of power-hungry air-conditioners may have jacked up UST’s electric bill in the past few years, but the rising power consumption trend appears to have stabilized, data obtained by the Varsitarian showed.

Agricultural ‘underinvestment’

A woman selling NFA rice amid long lines of consumers in a wet market near UST. Photo by P.N.P. DIMERIN EVERYDAY, housewife Lorna Galang of Silang, Cavite braves the heat just to get her supply of cheap but poor-quality rice from the state-run National Food Authority (NFA).


I DON’T know if it’s going to be an advantage for me, having graduated already. But I guess it’s premature to make a generalization.

I am trying to analyze the overhauling of the nursing education curriculum. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has already released a memorandum making changes to the nursing education curriculum a month before the opening of classes.

Under the CHED memorandum circular no. 5, or the enhanced Four-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, another 33 units will be added to the present nursing curriculum’s 169 units, adding three summer classes to the present eight-semester course. The number of hours for practicum will also be increased to 2,499 from the present 2,142-hour requirement.

Batch 2008 savor their last days in UST

AFTER the euphoria of graduation, Batch 2008 will soon leave the great walls of this University. As they part ways and chart their own careers, the Varsitarian asks them to relive the memories.

What will you miss most about UST?

“Hepa lane at Dapitan, Ate Eva’s sisig, blockmates, CFAD peeps, flood, The Varsitarian, and of course, this chant ‘Go USTE! Go USTE! Go USTE! GO! GO! GO!’”
-Carlo Gonzales Sumaoang, College of Commerce

“The library where I see all of my friends.”
-Charmaine Orillosa, College of Architecture

“Deadlines and projects.”
-Christine Ana Maria Castillo, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“Paskuhan will be the number one event that I will surely miss, especially the free food, quality time with friends, and of course, the fireworks!”
–Catherine Rosales, AMV-College of Accountancy