Monday, April 15, 2024


The Varsitarian is looking for artists and photographers for Publication Year 2019 to 2020!

    All applicants must be second-to fourth year students of the University. 

    Enclose a copy of your latest registration form, temporary transcript of records (to be obtained from the Registrar), resume and an accomplished application form in a long brown envelope and submit to the Varsitarian office on or before June 14, 9 p.m., Friday.

    Download the application form here: Varsitarian app form


    Art section applicants must submit a portfolio consisting of a hard copy of at least:

    – Four (4) illustrations drawn using traditional media (submit the original or colored copy)

    – Three (3) digital artworks

    – One (1) layout sample (poster, magazine, newspaper spread, etc.)

    Requirements must be printed on letter-sized paper and placed in a clear orange slide folder.


    Photography applicants must submit an album consisting of 4R and 8R photos printed in good quality photo paper:

    – Three (3) landscape photographs

    -Two (2) portrait photographs

    – Documentation of events inside and outside the University

    – A three-minute video showing life in UST (to be put in
    a blank CD)

    Requirements must be placed in a clear red slide folder.

    For inquiries, contact Klimier Nicole A. Adriano at 0918-922-3390 or the Varsitarian office at (02) 460 – 1611 local 8235