(Photo grabbed from Artistang Artlets official Facebook page.)

IN CELEBRATION of its 40th anniversary, alumni of Artistang Artlets, the official theater guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, premiered an online one-act play titled “Sundowning” on Aug. 8.

The play was written by 1993 Artistang Artlets member Jay Españo and was directed by batch 1990 artistic director Izzai Monasterio-Tejedor.

It tells a story of love, grievance and painful decisions that individuals face for the good of their family.

Españo said the one-act play was derived from his short film “Mahal,” dedicated to his late mother.

“We all have that special someone whom we miss, and we wonder what could’ve been. Sometimes, there are things you want to say to someone who’s not with us anymore,” he said.

Monasterio-Tejedor said the group faced many obstacles such as time zone differences among participating alumni who live in different countries and the limited space of each performer in the online medium.

The group took advantage of the virtual background feature of Zoom, the webconferencing platform.

Monasterio-Tejedor said she wanted to reignite the passion in each member of the group and encourage the new ones to discover and hone their creativity.

“Sundowning” was streamed from August 8 to 9 on Facebook. M. J. T. L. Nepomuceno