DUE TO difficulty in finding employment after graduation, the UST Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) is set this March to help graduate students find jobs by granting them memberships even before they graduate.

According to GSAA’s newly elected president Dr. Mercedes Leuterio, the association, which currently assists students through scholarship programs and subsidies for theses and dissertations, also aims to strengthen links with other organizations, and provide services to members, especially possible job placements and opportunities.

“We are now in the process of amending our constitution and by-laws to have students who are still enrolled in the Graduate School become associate members even (before they graduate),” Leuterio told the Varsitarian. “Some may not have work yet, so we would like to help them in any way we can.”

Although troubled by non-active members, the GSAA hopes to recruit more members by introducing a P2,000-lifetime membership fee, instead of the annual collection being implemented, to ensure continuity among its associates.

“(GSAA) has difficulties because we have about 100 members and many are working abroad,” Leuterio said. “(But it wants to maintain its prestige) for the University since most of our alumni hold key positions in the government, academe, and even foreign countries.”

The GSAA, established before World War II, became active with social, religious, and community projects in the 1970s continuing up to the present. It will hold its annual alumni recognition and homecoming on March 12 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center. R. D. Tan

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