PIROUETTE [peer-oo-WET] – “Whirl” or “spin”; a complete turn of the body on one foot, on point or demi-pointe. Pirouettes are performed by either turning inward toward the supporting leg, or turning outward in the direction of the raised leg. The body must be well-centered with the back held strongly and the hips and shoulders aligned. The force of momentum is furnished by the arms, which remain immobile during the turn. The head is the last to move as the body turns away from the spectator and the first to arrive as the body comes around to the spectator, with the eyes focused at a definite point at eye level. This use of the eyes while turning is called “spotting.”


TOWARD the last months of my stay in UST, what with the student elections, I suddenly have more friends than I could handle again. In my Faculty, old acquaintances have turned into new, bright-smiley ones—just like the programs each party “re-launches” every year. The candidates must have figured out by now that without adequate funds and the cooperation of the administration, they’d never get their superfluous projects done. And so, their dream projects remain but mere props; always present, but hardly ever given too much attention, except by those eager enough to use their heads and think about voting wisely.

And since I deeply believe in the will and capabilities of local student councils, here are some of the programs they have convincingly presented to the community and will no doubt put them in operation next academic school year. I may no longer be around to enjoy them, but as a wise voter, my trust in them is absolute.

Christians pray for unity

A.B. “org room.” “Para sa matibay na pagka-buklud-buklod ng mga organisasyong pang ArtLet,” the candidate said. Why?

Saliksik awards, as indicated in their flyer, is an academic and socio-cultural “awarding” aimed at recognizing the best of the students’ works in documentary-making and thesis-writing.

Public Auditing committee. Part of a flyer bylined by the candidate states: “the role of the auditor is indispensable. However, transparency is the main theme. The fund disbursements, expenditures, and cash flow of the council must be disclosed to the students so they will know where the Students Council Fee and other fees accorded to the ABSC go, and if these were spent for projects beneficial to the students.” …Is this going to be a one-man committee then?

Student Adjudication board will allegedly be a quasi-judicial board that will hear cases involving students which will ensure that the rights of the students will be upheld at all times. Too much Y-speak viewing, I guess.

AB First Policy is supposed to prioritize AB graduates in job opportunities…in call centers?

AB Patrol will be a CONSISTENT lobby station of the student council.

AB Database will give all the lonely Artlets a chance to get to know their fellow AB students in this “profile information service.”

Unless by some “divine,” fabulous intervention these “noble intentions for the good of the entire AB (sic) community” will be operational next year, I give these (medium) rare politicians the benefit of the doubt.

Congratulations to the winners (or losers, however one may put it). May you never forget that you are to serve the interest of the entire ArtLet studentry and not just yourselves, your friends, nor your kiss butt-ees.

Escuela de Matronas


The recently concluded Central Student Council elections has allegedly produced a president who transferred to UST after finishing his undergraduate course in the University of the Philippines (UP). I did not know we were such UP fans, much less suckers for face value, and I wonder how he can possibly represent a community he has known for only more than a year.


I see the CR walls in the Main Building have been painted over again. Let’s see who restarts the vandal’s fiesta.


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