THE COUNTRY’s first and only clinic that specializes in psychological trauma has become more relevant as more people start to seek help regarding problems on mental health, the supervising psychologist of UST said.

“[The clinic] saw it as something positive [that] people are starting to come for help. It became relevant now kasi more people are talking about mental health and are becoming aware of what the different mental health concerns are,” UST Psychotrauma Clinic supervising psychologist Renz Christian Argao told the Varsitarian.

Nababawasan kasi ‘yung stigma associated to mental health. It primarily caters to victims of traumatic events, but accommodates anyone who needs psychological services like psychological assessment and diagnosis, individual and group counseling and psychotherapy,” he added.

The UST Psychotrauma Clinic has been offering free counseling and psychotherapy services to Thomasians and even non-Thomasians since 2002.

Around 30 active volunteers provide psychological services in the UST Psychotrauma Clinic. Most of them are licensed psychologists, psychometricians, guidance counselors and nurses. Graduate School students and faculty members who specialize in psychology and guidance counseling are also part of the team.

The UST Psychotrauma Clinic has also been providing services to various communities in the country affected by traumatic events like natural calamities and armed conflicts.

The clinic was conceptualized as a training ground for the University’s graduate students in Clinical Psychology, but was later expanded into a center for research, providing educational trainings for students and professionals, according to its website. It also served as a consultant to government agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and to non-government organizations such as Bantay Bata.

The UST Psychotrauma Clinic is located at the ground floor of the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex building. The clinic is open for appointments and consultations from Tuesday to Friday at 10am to 5pm.


  1. To Hannah,
    Your article would have been much more appreciated if the actual pioneers have atleast been mentioned. They’ve worked tirelessly to build the pillars of this institution that you are now all so proud of.
    As a Tomasian myself (backed up by an entire family of Thomasians – Amadea Medina being my Lola) and rest of them out there — what’s the use of loyalty to our Alma mater when full recognition is not given where it’s due?

    • Hi, Tina! We appreciate your Lola for making this service possible and successful! Regarding the acknowledgement of the names who participated, I think it would not be a big deal if it will not be mentioned in the article if in the first place their goal is to SERVE the people rather than getting the spotlight and glory. 🙂


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