THE UNIVERSITY of Santo Tomas placed 10th among Philippine universities in the 2022 Alper-Doger Scientific Index, which ranks institutions based on the performance and productivity of their scientists.

UST ranked 2354th in Asia and 5823rd in the world.

Thirty-nine Thomasian scientists also placed in the ranking system.

Prof. Allan de Guzman of the UST Research Center for Social Sciences and Education led the crop of scientists from UST and ranked 51st overall in the country. 

He was also recognized as the top scientist in the country in the field of geriatrics, or the branch of medicine or social science that deals with the health and care of old people.

The Alper-Doger Scientific Index is a ranking and analysis system based on the scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists.

 It uses the total and last five years’ values of the author impact index and citation scores from Google Scholar to rank scientists by subject, institution, country, region and in the world.


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