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UST entrance exam now held in other campuses

DON’T come to us; we’ll come to you.

This is the new strategy being employed by the Office for Student Admissions in its bid to increase the number of applicants taking the UST Entrance Test. In addition to regional testing centers, the entrance exam can now be administered in schools that can muster enough Thomasian-wannabes.

“Instead of students coming to our school to take the exam, we (go) to their school to give them the test so that students who find it difficult to come to UST will still be able to take the exam,” Lucila Banse, admissions office director, said.

On-site testing was pre-arranged for schools with 100 or more examinees. During the exam, the school guidance counselor and two examiners from the University would be present to supervise the examinees.

On Bonifacio Day, Apostol tellsEducation reforms vital

“TODAY we may be free of military abuse but government remains abusive and so inefficient that suffering predominates among the poor and the future looks bleak and worrisome.”

These were the words of veteran Thomasian journalist Eugenia “Eggie” Duran Apostol which received a loud applause from the crowd at the 21st anniversary of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation held at the Bantayog Memorial Center in Diliman, Quezon City last November 30.

Writers, where art thou?

PERHAPS one of the perks of belonging to the Varsitarian’s Literary section is meeting creative writers, most especially Thomasians. These writers not only conduct poetry reading sessions and crafting book collections, but most of them actually end up in the academe as creative writing professors.

Ironically, more often than not, I find myself having to go out of the University just to scout and interview Thomasian writers. As a matter of fact, these writers are highly successful in other universities, being appointed as directors or associates of creative writing centers.