Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Local student councils complain of fund lack

THE STUDENT council fee (SCF) is supposed to fund the projects and activities of the student councils. But local student councils are complaining that the SCF is not serving its purpose because it is not properly and regularly disbursed. As a result, the local councils say they cannot implement their projects. Moreover, cash-strapped councils hold fund-raising projects or even shoulder the expenses.

At the College of Nursing, budget requisitions are slow, said Katrina Urbi, council president.

The case for creative non-fiction

NOT ALL creative writings are fictional or imaginary. Journalistic but imaginative, they go by the names personal journalism, new journalism, and creative nonfiction. They depict real events with the tools of fiction.

For Prof. Jose Victor Torres of UST’s Faculty of Arts and Letters, creative nonfiction is “a mixture of fact with the principles of writing fiction.”