Monday, July 22, 2024

Tag: November 10

‘Amalayer’ a victim of cyber-bullying

WHEN someone uploaded the YouTube video showing an angry woman allegedly harassing a female security guard at LRT-2 Santolan, it became viral on the same day.

The woman was supposed to have refused having her bag searched and shouted at the security guard for treating her as a criminal. She repeatedly shouted at the guard, “I’m a liar? [So you’re saying] I’m a liar?” (Later on her inveighing was shortened to and parodied on social network as “Amalayer”).

The woman was identified as Paula Jaime Salvosa, and just like Robert Blair Carabuena, who assaulted a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) officer for calling his attention for a traffic violation he had committed, she gained instant infamy and became a victim of severe cyberbullying.