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Tag: November 24

Inkblots 2004: CAMPUSWRITE

Since it started six years ago, Inkblots, the UST National Campus Journalism Fellowship, has consistently left its participants wanting for more.

By inviting prominent lecturers in different fields of journalism, the Varsitarian, organizer of Inkblots, has been attracting campus journalists from different universities and colleges from as far as Mindanao in the south and Batanes in the north by hundreds.

Dancing to the rhythm of Vanessa Mae

VANESSA Mae has done for this generation what the likes of Niccolo Paganini, the first international violin superstar, whose birthday she incidentally shares, has done for his. At the age of 15, she has made heads turn with her dazzlingly inventive new sound: elegant classical violin fused with eclectic modern stylings, which made her debut album The Violin Player a worldwide smash.