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HB 4110 junked

THE HOUSE of Representatives Committee on Appropriations (COM-AP) junked the proposed Reproductive Health Care Act, also known as House Bill 4110, last Jan. 13. The COM-AP deferred the bill after Health Care Committee Chairman Rep. Antonio Yapha refused to endorse it due to unresolved issues in an executive session last Oct. 7, 2003.

The art of lying


Everybody does. For one to say that he never lies and has never lied before has already lied.

In my efforts to come up with a topic that is not related to the love month, I tried to concentrate on the things happening around me.

It then came to me that for the past few days, months even, people have developed a certain taste for lying.

Suddenly, I developed a certain curiosity as to whether why people lie, what are the circumstances that force people to lie, and of course, the origin of the “lie”.

Beautiful Madness

NOBODY thought Quentin Tarantino could measure up to, or much more, top himself. After all, this insanely brilliant man gave us Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown, all or most of which sit comfortably in almost every self-respecting film buff’s ‘top ten’ lists. That is certainly a tough act to beat. But after six years of absence from Hollywood, he resurfaces and throws Kill Bill Volume 1 (Miramax) our way.

Juan Luna’s ‘Parisian Life’ comes to UST

THOMASIANS got the rare chance to view Juan Luna’s controversial “Parisian Life” in the exhibit “History and Destiny” at the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Along with “Parisian Life”, displayed were Lunas in the UST collection, such as “Playa de Kamakura” and “The Italian Soldier”.

Gil Portes: Independent filmmaker

EXCEPT for the local and international success of his Mga Munting Tinig, little is known about the much celebrated director, Gil Portes. But for both the renowned director and his audience, that is not important, because in each of his films are his visions, and in each vision is his story. And not just his story, but also the story of those who experience prejudice (Miguel/Michelle) and alienation (‘Merika), of people who hope and dream (Mga Munting Tinig), and those who search for truth (Saranggola).

Ideal Thomasian?

“THERE is the ever-present danger of being misunderstood lurking behind every column... speaking for 30,000 plus of people after all can be a risky operation at best and a hazardous and even fatal one at the very worst.” — Regina Jimenez, The Varsitarian, 1975

Everybody likes to talk about Philippine politics. But I am not everybody. I insist to spare my space. And as of press time, my mind is preoccupied with thoughts and misthoughts about “Mr. and Ms. Ideal Thomasian Personality.”

False prophets

WHEN people use the most powerful medium to debate on contentious issues, they stick to their beliefs to the point of fanaticism because the ambience of television is such that partisans tend to pander to the gallery. Thus, they will achieve no clarity in discussing issues. They will reach no resolution.


Going up against Mr. Abstain

THE NINTH UST Job Fair last Feb. 4 to 6 was a hit. Organized by the Public and Alumni Affairs Office, this year’s fair culled 50 companies in search of competent graduating Thomasians to add to their pool of workers.

The job fair could well have been the UST seniors’ first crack at applying for a job. It was like a small peep into the world of job-hood or a tiny bite of the corporate pie. Many either experienced an adrenaline rush as they crammed to get their resumes done, or grew petulant because of the tiangge and ukay-ukay atmosphere.

Contraceptive madness junked

FUNNY how, with the use of certain colorful words, what usually is wrong can be made right, at least on the surface.

Consider the proposed Reproductive Health Care Act, which was junked, thankfully, by the House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations (COM-AP) recently. (See related story on page 9)

Popularly known as House Bill 4110, it seeks to endorse the use of “healthy” contraceptives. However, pro-life groups see it otherwise.

Thomasian wins in speech contest

A COLLEGE of Education (CE) senior placed first in a national public speaking contest at the Far Eastern University (FEU) last Jan 28.

Claude Despabiladeras, a fourth-year English major student, took the top spot in the oratorical category during “The 1st Dr. Nicanor Reyes Challenge,” an inter-school public speaking contest sponsored by the FEU Oratorical Debate Council, in line with the university’s 75th founding anniversary.

The category was based on the theme “Resolving the Dehumanization of the Common Academic Mission Today.”