Global lay organization Couples for Christ (CFC) has voiced its strong opposition to divorce, asserting that God is using the Philippines, the only country where divorce is not allowed, as a beacon for the world to rediscover the importance of a solid marriage and family.

In a statement on Saturday, CFC urged the nation’s leaders to focus on strengthening the family unit rather than weakening the marriage bond by supporting the rigorous implementation of the Philippine Family Code.

“The rest of the world has chosen to adopt a divorce law. However, sheer numbers are not an indication of stronger and truer beliefs but rather a reflection of human weakness. They do not reflect the fortitude that God has promised to those who follow His word,” the group said.

“Man’s need for convenience will never negate the wisdom of God who sees far into the future.”

The organization referenced “global statistics” suggesting that youth from divorced families were more likely to engage in criminal activities and substance abuse, face mental health issues, and perform poorly in school.

“Children of one-parent families are the silent and often unintended victims of the separation of their parents. Their scars can be emotional, psychological, financial, or physical. Hardest hit are children who are too young, too vulnerable or too weak to even do something about their situation,” it said.

“Rather than judge children from broken homes, our aim should be to protect them and the rest of society from unpleasant consequences of homes broken by divorce.”

The group also emphasized that eliminating the option of divorce would lead to a more careful selection of life partners.

“Knowing that marriage is a lifetime commitment will help the couple exert their best efforts not only to prepare for, but to sustain and nurture the marriage,” it said.

“A strong family is the foundation of a healthy society.”

On May 27, Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan described the Philippines’ unique status as the only country without legalized divorce as a “badge of honor.”

“For a long time now, it has been remarked—often as some kind of self-reproach—that we are the only country that has not made divorce legal. To any faithful Catholic and to any Christian who takes the Gospel as the ultimate norm of human life, this should not be a reproach but a badge of honor, a mark of distinction,” he said.

The House of Representatives approved a bill on May 22 to reinstate absolute divorce in the country.

The Divorce Law was initially enacted in 1917 during the American colonial period but was repealed in 1943. In 1950, Republic Act No. 386, or the Civil Code, was introduced to allow legal separation instead of absolute divorce.

CFC is an international Catholic lay ecclesial movement dedicated to renewing and strengthening Christian family life. Established in 1981 in Manila by the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon charismatic community, its goal is to evangelize married couples and help them grow in their faith and commitment to God.

It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the lay faithful of “pontifical right.


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