Filipino department revived


    May 21, 12:20 a.m.- UST HAS revived its Filipino department more than three decades after putting all languages under a single department.

    Filipino department was resurrected in time for the UST
    quadricentennial celebration next academic year. Faculty of Arts and
    Letters professor Imelda de Castro will serve as its head.

    of Languages Chair Marilu Madrunio said the revived Department of
    Filipino will better cater to the needs of Filipino subjects, which her
    centralized unit could not address.

    are many issues in the language department that the Filipino section is
    not part of. This reform will help them address their needs like
    financial assistance and Filipino language development in the
    University,” Madrunio said.

    It was a sort of a
    “merry-go-round” for the UST Filipino Department. After its merger with
    other languages in 1979, the Department of Filipino was placed under
    general education subjects.

    Under the previous setup, Madrunio’s Department of Languages supervises the English, Filipino, and Spanish units.
    The three language agencies shared the same budget under one department.

    Filipino department is the second department to be revived under the
    vertical articulation project of the University, where departments are
    created to focus on a specific subject matter. Last year, the
    Department of History was revived with Augusto de Viana as head. Darenn G. Rodriguez