IF YOU love to go places, meet people and have fun without leaving home, then Strangebrew is for you.

Strangebrew is a 30-minute magazine show patterned after Lakbay TV, but with a twist.

Aired three times a day on UNTV, NU 107’s counterpart on television, each episode starts with a typical day in which Tado (Arvin Jimenez) eats something weird, like squash seeds swimming in a bowl of Yakult. Then he asks his driver Erning (Angel Rivero) to prepare their “auto,” a red Volkswagen, for another travelling experience. The show features ordinary places like salons, vulcanizing shops, dirty ice cream factories, bakeries, and people that we get to see everyday.

Tado and Erning try to answer questions that bug them, like, “who composed, ‘Bahay-kubo’?” or “what does spider-fighting games contribute to the economy of the country?” and even, “what will happen if a vegetarian eats a vegetarian?” Most of the time, out-of-this-world answers come with the strange questions. They once went to a cock-pit and asked a kristo about what it takes to be in his position. The “kristo” answered, “You must finish a four- or five-year engineering course and have a pleasing personality.”

Tado and Erning, Strangebrew’s strange hosts, are like cartoon characters that wear the same wardrobe everytime. Tado has long, 70’s-style unmanageable hair and wears thick-framed glasses and a blue-sleeved T-shirt with what seems to be an army training logo in the middle. His sidekick Erning on the other hand wears a yellow shirt and moss green cargo pants with a matching beret cap. Tado likes giving high fives that match Erning’s vivacious “tama!” everytime they find an answer to a question.

Let me count the ways

You can catch Strangebrew, produced and directed by RA Rivera, at 3:0pm, 7:00pm, and 10:00pm. It’s one show that offers a break from the usual roster of travel programs, treating its subject with humor, and turning the spotlight to things and places we usually ignore.


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