LESS is more for Alexander Tharaud’s music.

In a solo piano recital last June 17 at the Francisco Santiago Hall, Equitable – PCI Bank Tower, Tharaud showed his virtuosity in playing serene music over animated pieces.

Performing before 200 people, Tharaud’s repertoire included “Suite en la” by Rameau, Sonata K333 by Mozart, “Gnossiennes no.1 et 3” by Satie and “3 Miroirs” by Ravel.

In “Suite,” Tharaud challenged himself not to “betray Rameau on the piano”. He stared blankly into the air—as if in deep thought, while playing the soft pianissimo, then looked intently at the keys when he shifted to upbeat staccatos. Once in a while, he swayed to the rhythm of the music.

He performed Sonata K333 with precision. He played the notes with ease, capturing the tiptoe sound. Moreover, “Gnossiennes” is shorter but more dramatic. Emotion emanated from his music although he was expressionless most of the time.

His finale, “3 Miroirs,” surged with power. Gliding through the keys in a seemingly magical manner, he exhibited versatility in playing mellow to lively notes.

Tharaud gave a bonus piece as requested by the audience, which was the most beautiful piece he delivered that night. It had a slow waltz beat that cradled the audience in a lullabye. He stepped down the stage with the full admiration of the audience.

Tharaud has participated and won in international competitions all over Europe. He recently received the “Diapason d’Or”, the grand prix of the Charles Cros Academy, and acquired the title “Choc du monde de la Musique 2000.”

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