AS LIVELY as the notes of that night’s acoustics was the vocal talents of Thomasians pitted against each other.

Ritmos, the Student Organization Coordinating Council-sponsored annual intercollegiate singing competition, showcased not only audio prowess but also a Medicine auditorium full of students stretching their vocal chords to cheer their favorite teams.

While waiting for the results, the crowd was set ablaze by the groovy but emotional, hair-raising music of the night’s guest, The Company. The premiere vocal group serenaded the crowd with tracks from their latest album, “Mahal Kong Radyo.”

The results surprised many. Education High School student Joyce Lopez bagged the first prize for her rendition of Celine Dion’s “If Only.” The high school student took the wind out of the audience’s sails as they listened astonished to the young yet mature-voiced Lopez.

Faculty of Engineering bet Anna Kathy Dela Cruz placed second with her “Vision of Love” interpretation. Although short of impact, she managed to deliver a Mariah Carey original with passable quality. Artlets representative Christine Caisido, on the other hand, was a standout with her forceful rendition of “Isang Pangarap.” She, however, could have chosen a more familiar tune to which the audience could sing with.

This year’s group category, with five colleges battling it out, was highlighted by the common performance of “Kailan,” popularized by Smokey Mountain and was arranged by one of the judges, Vermon Nobaya.

Neat in their Filipiniana attire was the Nursing Glee Club, but that they finished third, for their almost lively warm-up song. Second-placer AB Chorale surprised the audience with their warm-up, “Dum Bele,” their singing complemented by their Filipino costumes, jazzy lighting, and precise choreography.

'Incredibles' artist is Fine Arts alumna

“Ambo-Hato,” Pharmacy Glee Club’s warm-up which sounded like a mock immitation of “jumbo hotdog,” was an interplay of alto and soprano notes, with very diverse dynamics, abruptly alternating loud and soft tones. Pharmacy backstopped its performance with child-like facial expressions and kid-like teasing, even sticking their tongues out. Their bravura helped them clinch the grand prize.

Programs like Ritmos ensure Universitys vocal talents would continue to be cultivated. This years installment proved that.


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