Care for an encore of High School Musical?

Teen-oriented television station JackTV recently held an event at the RCBC Plaza last September 10 to officially kick-off their newest prime time series, Glee.

The show, which airs every Monday at 8 p.m., tackles high school life and the struggles one faces in finding a group to fit in. Unlike High School Musical, Glee appeals to viewers with its realistic situations and focus on character development.

The story revolves around a teacher who tries to relive his glory days in high school by reforming the defunct glee club, which currently is a cesspool for losers. In an effort to boost the club’s image and membership, the teacher blackmails a football jock with a beautiful singing voice into joining the club. Along the way, the club faces several challenges which test each member’s resolve to survive the harsh environment of high school.

Glee’s greatest appeal, apart from its satirical humor, lies in its rendition of contemporary pop music, which is given a different spin. Most of the time, the characters of the show interpret it in a way that fits their personalities.

In retrospect, Glee is a take on high school life without the sugar coating, making it more pleasing to mature viewers. With its mix of comedy, drama and music, viewers will surely want to keep coming back for more either to see how the plot develops or to watch the club members hilarious but impressive take on popular hits like Rihanna’s Take a Bow, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. Maria Joanna Angela D. Cruz

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