A FINE arts student of the College of the Holy Spirit bested other participants from key fine arts school around Metro Manila and environs to win the grand prize in the 2010 UST On-the-Spot Painting Competition.

Kathleen Yeo won for her painting, “Basta Maprotektahan,” a whimsical image of a mother and child whose faces were blotched out, with a sapling between the two figures holding hands. The painting answered to Galleria Duemila owner Silvana Ancellotti-Diaz, the chairperson of the board of judges, said the work showed “the disintegration of the Filipino family, with mothers leaving to work abroad.” She added, “It has the naïve, childlike style of Swiss painter Paul Klee.”

Yeo won P 40,000.

Theme of the competition was Mag-ina: Larawan ng Yaman ng Kultura at Kalikasan.

Aside from College of the Holy Spirit, participants came from the Far Eastern University, University of the East, College of the Holy Spirit, Feati University, Technological University of the Philippines, Philippine Women’s University, Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Adventist University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Bulacan State University (BSU).

“The contest aims to foster camaraderie among students from different schools through works of art that expose their ideas and passions,” said Red de Leo, curator of the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences. “Most importantly, the contest recognizes the talent of young visual artists.”

“Ina-Aruga” by Julian Pangilinan from BSU won second prize. The work showed a mother with a gummamela in her ear breastfeeding her child, set against a light orange background. He won P 25,000.

Revamping ethnic heritage

Placing third is Averil Paras from Feati for “Origin of Culture, The Protector of Nature,” which portrays an indigenous mother and child facing a dying forest. Adding to the ethnic feel is a border containing a set of alibata, the ancient Mangyan alphabet. He won P20,000. Paras had won second place two years before.

First honorable mention was Russel Trinidad from TUP with “Ina Marina,” showing a mother and child covered by tiger stripes and surrounded by tribal prints. Second honorable mention went to “Hapunan” by UST student Frances Nicole Delos Angeles; it depicts a mother and child eating tinapa, reflected on a mirror bordered by the Philippine flag. Mark Kim Arcenal’s “Pamana,” again from the TUP, was named Third honorable mention. His painting shows the faces of a mother and child upon which reflected a waterfall in the forest. They received P 8,000 each.

Contestants were given the whole day to roam around the Benavides Park to conceptualize and paint their interpretations of the contest theme. By six in the evening, the awarding ceremony kicked off. Secretary General Fr. Florentino Bolo, Jr., O.P. expressed the hope that the works of the winning young artists “would soon fill our museums.”

Aside from Ancellotti-Diaz, the judges were actress and art collector Candy Pangilinan and architect Jonathan Matti.

The UST National On-the-Spot Painting competition is organized by the Office of the Secretary General, and the UST Museum. Previous UST winners are Joe Barcena, Alfredo Esquillo, Mark Salvatus and Ronaldo Ventura.

This year’s winning competition pieces were exhibited at the UST Museum Gallery from February 25 to March 19. Maria Joanna Angela D. Cruz



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