UST Archives opened to international map enthusiasts

(Photo by Hazel Grace S. Posadas/The Varsitarian)

ANCIENT Philippine maps and the University’s rare book collections were opened to delegates of the International Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS) and the Philippine Map Collectors’ Society last Oct. 16 at the UST Miguel de Benavides Library.

The exhibit features 46 maps that date to the 1750s, including those of Philippine provinces, war positions and Dominican haciendas, as well as charts of discoveries of the seas.

Library Prefect Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P. said it was an honor that IMCoS chose to visit UST’s map archives.

“What is important for me is that these maps have been used for the education of our students; that is a testimony to the [quality of] education the 400-year-old University can give,” Aparicio told the Varsitarian.

Chief Librarian Ma. Cecilia Lobo took pride in the library’s collection of rare maps.

“These are documents that helped shape our nation, so I do hope that they [the delegates] appreciate this rare and precious collection,” said Lobo in Filipino.

Also exhibited was the University’s “Escritura de fundación” (Foundation Act) of 1611, deeds of sale written in Baybayin from 1613 and 1625, an illuminated manuscript of the “Book of Hours,” and the examination book of the University in 1636 titled “Libro de piques.”

The delegates also visited the Heritage Section and were given a guided tour of the manual restoration process for the oldest books in the library’s catalogue.

The exhibit items are from the collections of UST Miguel de Benavides -Heritage section collection of rare maps and books and UST Archives collection.

The UST Library was the second stop of the delegates’ three-day tour of Metro Manila’s map archives, following the Ortigas Foundation Library and the Lopez Museum.

ImCos, a London-based group of map aficionados, is in the country for the first part of the 36th International IMCoS Symposium.

The exhibit will remain open to the public until Oct. 26.


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