Thomasian artists win in CCP 2018 Thirteen Artists Awards

(Photo by Mark Darius M. Sulit/The Varsitarian)

TWO THOMASIANS were among the recipients of the Thirteen Artist Awards (TAA) held last Oct. 18 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Janos Delacruz, an advertising art alumnus, is known to deliver social commentary and self-exploration through art.

“I believe that I should present my art not just in printing or sculpture but also in printmaking, because those are the three mediums that represent the pillars of art,” Delacruz told the Varsitarian.

Delacruz displayed his most prominent work “Trese,” a 13-piece satirical representation of the last supper.

He also mounted 12 7 x 2 ft. wood carvings resembling people with their backs against each other.

“It represents the military and the activists and the on-going dialogue of life in the Philippines. It’s the continuous philosophical struggle of the Filipino people,” Delacruz explained.

Business graduate Zeus Bascon created an installation of thirteen masks with costumes titled “Dead Mask.”

Bascon’s works often explore the self, delving into the spiritual and supernaturally charged narratives, Philippine mythology, and Catholicism.

“There are feelings or thoughts that we can’t explain or express, and for me, painting is where I can express these things. I just put it out for people and see what happens,” said Bascon.

Other awardees were Bea Camacho, Cian Dayrit, Shireen Seno, Doktor Karayon, Carlo Gabuco, Dina Gadia, Guerrero Z. Habulan, Eisa Joscon, Raffy T. Napay, Archie Oclos and Lynyrd Paras.

The exhibit runs from Oct. 18 to Dec. 23 at the CCP.


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