Alumni artists link painting and sculpture in art exhibit

(Photo by Hazel Grace S. Posadas/The Varsitarian)

NOTABLE Thomasian artists stepped out of their comfort zones to create artworks on irregularly shaped canvases and a variety of other surfaces in “Shaped II,” an exhibit held at Art Anton, Conrad Manila in Pasay

Fil Delacruz, an exhibitor and curator of the exhibit, encouraged the participating artists to challenge themselves by stepping out of the confines of the conventional rectangular canvas.

Delacruz, an award-winning printmaker and an advertising alumnus, mounted an oil on wood piece of a dancing woman clothed in wood patterns and flowers titled “Ritmo sa Hangin,” emphasizing on the color and shape of aged wood in the piece.

“An old wood has its own inherent shape…I put more work on the background to let the natural color of wood and the subject matter come out,” Delacruz said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

“Summer Breeze,” a piece by abstractionist and minimalist Raul Isidro, depicts the warm winds of summer in shades of yellow, orange, red and blue on a circular shaped canvass.

Several of Isidro’s works were done on round canvases on in round frames to symbolize the earth.

“Most of my influence is landscape in nature and the earth is round, so I did an expression of the movement of the earth,” he said.

Interior Design graduate Anna de Leon used a question mark-shaped canvas for a mixed-media piece titled “How Do I Love Thee?” which is based on her encounter with the sonnet by popular Victorian poet Elizabeth Barret Browning.

Other Thomasian artists featured in the exhibit were Edgar Doctor, Salvador “Buddy” Ching and Mario de Rivera.

Shaped II runs until April 4.


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