IN CELEBRATION of the National Children’s Month in November, University theater guild Teatro Tomasino will mount an online theater drama about victims of child abuse on Dec. 4.

“Ang Bata sa Drum” follows Roro, a boy who is afraid to leave the water drum after being locked inside by his abusive father. Roro’s older sister, Krisel, tries to convince him to get out. 

“We chose to work on this story as a way to celebrate the life of children. [The characters] are simply just instruments for the message we want to convey,” Mia Kaella Enriquez, co-director and creative writing junior, told the Varsitarian

Enriquez said the siblings in the stage drama will face a life-changing decision that will affect not only their lives but also their relationship with each other.

Laurenzo Roda plays the role of Roro, while Krisel is portrayed by Caryl De Los Santos.

Using art as a means to give its viewers a sense of belongingness is also one of the objectives of the play, co-director Danica Geotina said.  

“Art itself already gives you a sense of belongingness. In the play, it shows that regardless of the choice the siblings picked, they will always be a part of each other’s lives,” Geotina said. 

Ang Bata sa Drum” is the theater guild’s season opener for their 44th season.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, production was done online via the Zoom application. Actors themselves made their sets and costumes. 

Ang Bata sa Drum” is a one-act drama written by Dominique La Victoria, which bagged third prize in the 67th Palanca Awards in 2017. It was first staged in the 2016 Virgin Labfest theater festival for aspiring playwrights. 

The show will be broadcast on Teatro Tomasino’s Facebook page.

Founded in 1977 by faculty members Myrna Hilario and Piedad Guinto Rosales, Teatro Tomasino is UST’s oldest theater guild. Larissa Mae C. Tan


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