THE WORKS of College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) faculty members took center stage in an annual exhibition at the Beato Angelic Gallery on Nov. 12, marking the start of the CFAD’s College Week.

The “Walang Arte, Art Lang” exhibit featured works by 32 members of the CFAD faculty.

In an interview with the Varsitarian, Industrial Arts instructor Charmaine Iglesia said the exhibit should help CFAD professors develop and evolve their art outside the academic setting.

“Apart from educating our students, we also want to practice professionally and through creative works,” said Iglesia, one of the exhibit organizers.

“Yearly, professors really make an effort to create new artwork because that’s part of their own development–to hone their professional work in art and to explore many different styles because art evolves through time,” she added

Guia Sarte, a faculty member of the Department of Advertising Arts, also said that the exhibit allows the CFAD faculty to show “the other side of being a professor.”

Among the featured works in the exhibit were by Iglesia, an Industrial Design alumna. She displayed two 18×24-in. acrylic paintings, “Dayshift” and “Nightshift,” depicting work-from-home employees in a style resembling images of saints.

“They’re being saint-like: thinking of others, providing for others, despite the reality, the challenges of working from home and lockdown,” Iglesia explained.

She also featured a 15×18-in. piece titled “The Sorrowful Virgin Mary,” an interpretation of the Our Lady of Sorrows.

From left to right: ‘Dayshift,’ ‘The Sorrowful Virgin Mary,’ and ‘Nightshift’ by Charmaine Iglesia of the Department of Industrial Arts. (Photo by Patrice Jerica A. Beltran/ The Varsitarian)

Assoc. Prof. Anna Marie Bautista of the Interior Design department showcased three artworks inspired by the K-pop boy group BTS. She used the pabalat technique in making the pieces, which involved cutting Japanese paper into intricate shapes and designs.

Wilfredo Tubig, an instructor from the Department of Industrial Design, featured a pair of  12×6-in. aluminum and plastic sculptures titled “Tomcats.”

Wilfredo Tubig’s 12×6-in. aluminum and plastic sculptures, ‘Tomcats.’ (Photo by Patrice Jerica A. Beltran/ The Varsitarian)

CFAD Dean Mary Christie Que joined the exhibit with her “Morning Flight,” a 30×20-in. acrylic painting of a sunrise, and “Morning Clouds,” a 30×20-in. photograph accompanied by a poem by Prof. Belen Tangco of the Graduate School.

The exhibit also featured an untitled 113×82.5-in. mural painting conceptualized by CFAD Regent Fr. Edgardo Alaurin, O.P., and executed by various faculty members of the college.

It was created for the 800th Jubilee of the Dominican Order and features at the center St. Dominic de Guzman, the order’s founder.

An untitled 113×82.5-in. painting conceptualized by CFAD Regent Fr. Edgardo Alaurin, O.P. and made by various CFAD professors. (Photo by Patrice Jerica A. Beltran/ The Varsitarian)

The “Walang Arte, Art Lang” exhibit ran from Nov. 12 to 16. With reports from Sofiah Shelimae J. Aldovino


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