A repeat of history?
CSC secretary guns for highest student office

Krizia Milleny Bricio

ANOTHER Central Student Council (CSC) secretary is running unopposed for the presidency in this year’s student polls—Krizia Milleny Bricio from the Faculty of Arts and Letters.

Bricio, a legal management junior, is advocating for a “better” and “healthier” academic environment amid the University’s “enriched virtual mode” of instruction.

“I mainly advocate for quality and inclusive education,” she told the Varsitarian. “I believe this is essential in our fight for quality education.”

Bricio has two main platforms: “Conduit” and “Constitution Revision.”

Through Conduit, Bricio aims to directly connect Thomasians in need of educational or health assistance to willing donors and sponsors.

Maraming Thomasians ‘yung lumapit sa CSC asking for help na i-share ‘yung publicity materials nila asking for blood donations or mayroon din tayong mga [nagpapatulong] for their research,” she said.

Bricio’s second platform focuses on revising the CSC constitution to promote efficiency, accountability and transparency.

Bricio aims to institutionalize existing CSC committees to better delineate tasks, introduce more sanctions and disciplinary measures for CSC officers to hold them accountable for violations and publicize the council’s financial and audit reports.

She also vows to remain committed to representing the interests of the Thomasian student body, just as outgoing CSC president Robert Gonzales had. Like Gonzales, Bricio ran for the presidency after serving a stint as secretary of the student council.

“We will continue the legacy of being vocal and representing the Thomasians not only in the University but also in the national level,” she said.

Bricio has been working in the CSC for four years.

She said her proudest achievement was furthering the CSC’s community development projects as its secretary, through which the council was able to extend help to communities affected by natural disasters and the pandemic.

As the second-highest-ranking CSC officer, she became interim president of the council when Gonzales went on a two-month leave of absence from December 2020 to February this year.

Bricio called on Thomasians to be critical in choosing their next leaders, not only in the upcoming student polls but also in next year’s national elections.

“The effects of the incompetency of our leaders are very evident, especially in this time of pandemic, and I hope that we also share and discuss what we learn from this experience of ours to our family, friends, and even neighbors,” Bricio said.

“Our fight for better conditions, quality education and good governance all relies on our vote,” she added. Jiselle Anne C. Casucian


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