THOMASIANS wouldn’t skip Paskuhan for anything, especially the grand concert taking place on Dec. 21. This event will showcase not just local bands but also big-name performers and groups including Adie, Cup of Joe, Lily, Lola Amour, BINI and more.

Ever since UST transitioned to a new academic calendar where the first semester concludes in December, Paskuhan has served as the vibrant and luminous conclusion to every Thomasian’s year.

This year, Paskuhan kicked off on Dec. 1 with the illumination of Christmas lights and decorations on the campus. The Paskuhan Mass and the Agape, the Thomasian Christmas feast, took place on Dec. 13.

Some graduating Thomasians have expressed that Paskuhan prompts them to reflect on the milestones in their UST journey.

Engineering senior Eunice Abayon said each Paskuhan she has attended has signified a distinct phase in her life.

“Looking back does not actually make me sad but rather reminds me of how I have grown through the years…every Paskuhan year somehow represents a phase in my life,” she said.

The in-person celebration of Paskuhan only resumed last year following the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jae Lansangan, a Legal Management senior, sees Paskuhan as a much-needed conclusion to the finals week, offering relief after navigating through deadlines and examinations.

“To know that something as festive as a concert awaits you after such a tiresome and grueling week, it’s the best destresser,” he said.

This year’s Paskuhan theme is “Paskuhan 2023: Witnessing the Joy of Christmas.” The decorations inside the campus are inspired by “Super Mario,” a platform game series created by Nintendo.

Carlos Salinas from the College of Commerce and Business Administration said the sight of the Paskuhan lights significantly contributes to the festive ambiance of the Christmas celebration in UST, but he is most excited about the concert.

“I’m particularly excited about the concert, as I will get to see some of my favorite performers live,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maria Protacio, a Senior High School student, said Christmas became her favorite holiday thanks to Paskuhan.

“I am looking forward to the Christmas spirit that UST gives…it gives me a different take on Christmas,” she said. Janica Kate J. Buan


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