ENTRAPPED in a mighty hug, the mother and her young struggle
to untangle the tentacles of an octopus. So tight is its embrace
that her might vanishes. In the dim light, her misty eyes
search along the corridor for an armored knight.

Her children’s cries are drowned by the beast’s warning:
“Submission makes it painless, reluctance sets hurdles,” resounding
in every corner, giving chills to every child. In an instant, hope
is heard in between a child’s sobs.

In a web, a man swings by over her. He takes
her out of the captor’s embrace and shields the little. His fists
blast away at the villain’s slimy limbs. While she,
regains her beauty and composure.

The hero unmasks himself, and stretches out his hand,
yet, she, seeing through his stare, screams out loud.

JP II set for beatification


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