Promote culture of reading through ‘reading groups,’ Thomasian orgs urged


THOMASIAN student organizations can help in developing the University’s reading culture by forming reading groups.

Thomasian philosophy professors Fleurdeliz Albela and Roland Theuas Pada made the call during the forum “Scribo: Importance and Essentiality of Writing” last Feb. 23 at the UST Central Laboratory.

“Unlike student projects where they have concerts and the like, begin to form reading groups and then invite perhaps other majors to join you. That is university culture,” Albela said.

Albela said reading groups and peer-reviewing would be a great help to one’s writing.

“Readability is a way to reach out to other people. When [you] write, you should not be scared of other views. The more it is noticed, the more comments will arise. Take it positively because […] people are listening to you early as now,” she said.

Pada emphasized that writing always requires more reading, especially in the academe.

“Reading more means you can have more ammunition for your essays. You will have more theories […] plus [it] broadens your horizon, including your flexibility to writ[e],” Pada said.

He cautioned students against depending solely on Internet sources.

Albela and Pada are the associate editor and managing editor, respectively, of the Kritike Online Journal of Philosophy.

The event was hosted by the UST Concilium Philosophiae, the organization of philosophy majors of the Faculty of Arts and Letters.


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