‘Theater productions, metaphor for proposed federal republic’

(Photo by Deejae S. Dumlao/The Varsitarian)

PALANCA-WINNING writer Nicholas Pichay said theater productions could be a metaphor for the proposed Philippine federal republic during a literary session at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last Nov. 23.

Pichay, a playwright and lawyer, said comparing theater relations and local government operations gives Filipinos an idea on the nation’s readiness for federalism.

“The idea [of federalism] is desiring for a union but not…unity. [We] have to learn to negotiate difference, and learn the process of coming to a consensus in a most productive manner,” he said.

In 2010, Pichay was given the Carlos Palanca hall of fame award. His book, “Maxie,” was published by the UST Publishing House in 2017.

He is the director of the Legislative Research Service of the Senate of the Philippines.

The discussion, titled “Writing the Nation in Drama, Film and the Multi-Arts,” was part of the 61st Philippine PEN Congress that gathered Filipino writers to discuss literary trends in the country. K. B. L. A. and M. D. D. D.


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