Filipino philosophy requires literature, discourse – Prof Emeritus Co

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PROFESSOR Emeritus Alfredo Co said Filipino philosophy needs literature and discourse during a discussion at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) last Nov. 29.

“Great philosophy comes with the birthing of ideas. These ideas have to be committed to a rational discourse and [writing] to form a body of literature,” Co said.

“Without a body of literary and philosophical writings, no culture could hold solid claim to a serious philosophy,” he added.

Co emphasized that discourse and literature are the best ways to foster Filipino philosophy.

“All this intellectual engagement should constitute what we [call] Filipinos doing philosophy. These Filipino scholars doing philosophy would set the first landmark philosophical posturing,” he said.

Co said philosophy writings “provide a clearer picture of the workings of Filipino consciousness.”

Co, a professor in philosophy, was conferred the title ‘Professor Emeritus’ by UST in 2017.

He obtained his doctorate degree from the University in 1976. Co was the first recipient of UST’s “festschrift,” collection of writings in honor of a scholar.

The event, organized by PUP, Institute for Culture and Language Studies and Philosophical Association of the Philippines, was part of a series of lectures in commemoration of World Philosophy Day.


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