Daoana: Be open in ‘age of pluralism’

Carlomar Daoana speaks in the panel discussion at Raffles Makati last Aug. 2. (Photo by Hazel Grace Posadas/ The Varsitarian)

A PALANCA award-winning poet urged writers and readers to expand their borders by being open to plurality.

Carlomar Daoana, former associate editor of the Varsitarian, said the trend in contemporary Filipino literature has entered the age of pluralism where almost everything is permitted.

“I think the sheer plurality of voices, the sheer plurality of visions and expressions is something to [be] celebrate[d],” Daoana said in a panel discussion at Raffles Makati last Aug. 2.

Daoana also encouraged readers and writers to be open to a wider set of forms and expressions of art that might go against one’s concepts of truth and validity.

“Doing so will expand borders make [people] committed to what literature has to offer… which is like a mirror to who we are as people,” Daoana added.

Other panelists in the event were Palanca award-winning authors Rody Vera, Allan Derain, Jimmuel Naval and N. V. M. Gonzalez award recipient U Z. Eliserio.

The event, titled “Trends in Contemporary Filipino Literature” was part of this year’s Philippine Readers and Writers Festival, a three-day celebration that featured international and local authors, as well as book sales, signing sessions and panel discussions.


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