COLLEGE of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) Regent Rev. Fr. Edgardo D. Alaurin, O.P. revisits forgotten Filipino values in his graphic novel “Cargasus,” launched on Nov. 22. 

Alaurin told the Varsitarian he wanted to leave behind a legacy of teaching the values of friendship, faith, hope and love. He also said he wanted to recover the lost art of Filipino storytelling. 

The protagonist is a creature that has the speed and agility of the mythical creature, Pegasus, with the heft and strength of the country’s water buffalo, a carabao, whose faith helps the other characters overcome the forces of evil.

While there are mythology and folklore elements, the novel is “very human and very Filipino,” the Dominican priest said.

“Cargasus” is also meant to be a source of entertainment for readers during the pandemic.

“We are affected by the things that happen to the world. And so we need some kind of relaxation and entertainment,” Alaurin said.

The book launch was held at the Beato Angelico Gallery and was live-streamed by “Bridges,” a talk show produced by the UST Alumni Association. Leigh Anne E. Dispo and Allaine Nicole C. Cruz


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