PREVENTION pays well than luck. That’s why vigilance is an effective security measure against crime inside and outside the campus.

The lopsided 50:1 student to security guard ratio in UST should encourage Thomasians to start their own safety precautions. The Varsitarian gathers some simple and useful tips to enhance personal security.

1. Be on the lookout for suspicious-looking individuals inside and outside of UST.

2. Always look snappy and assertive to frighten any potential malefactors.

3. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry, which may attract snatchers. Keep any valuables out of view.

4. Avoid using mobile phones outdoors. Mobile phones should be put in silent mode when riding a public transportation vehicle, or whenever in public places.

5. Always inform someone close to you where you are going so that if something happens, authorities can easily locate and help you.

6. Always carry your identification cards in cases of emergency.

7. When going home late, always wait at well-lit spots, where there are many people.

8. For mobile phone users, include in your phone book some important numbers like those of the hospital, police, fire department, etc.

9. Carry with you peppermint spray or tear gas for self-defense.

10. If the incident took place outside the University, IMMEDIATELY ask for help from bystanders. Or if the incident happened inside UST, IMMEDIATELY report the incident to and ask help from the nearest security officer.

Remember that no one can hurt or take advantage of people who know how to keep out of danger and how to stay calm yet alert. Dexter R. Matilla and Bernardette S. Sto. Domingo

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