THOMASIANS, beware. Despite tightened security measures, UST is not crime free.

A Faculty of Pharmacy student is the latest victim of criminals who silently operate inside the University’s premises.

Dawn Angeli Bello, a resident of Sampaloc, Manila, was held at knife point by an unidentified hold-up man while walking along Quezon Drive last April 15.

According to Bello, the suspect was about 5’8” tall, 45 to 50 years old and had a clean-cut hairdo. Bello also noticed that the suspect had a companion who acted as a look-out.

The hold-up man approached Bello from the back with his fan knife pointed at the right side of her abdomen. Although Bello pleaded that she didn’t have any valuables with her, the man thoroughly searched her bag and grabbed her 8890 Nokia cell phone, but left her wallet and wristwatch.

When she was about to inform the security guard in the area, Bello said another man approached, prevented her from shouting and told her that her life would be in danger if she did. The suspects escaped unscathed.

Last April 9, Donna Marzan Magclay was nearly victimized by a bag snatcher infront of the Millennium Gate along España St.

Security guards Roland Madrid and Jeffery Diapana responded and collared the culprit Leonard Garde, 27, jobless and a resident of Binondo, Manila.

Garde was later turned over to the University Belt Police. Billy Joe I Allardo and Karen M. Peña

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