UST Faculty Union (USTFU) executive vice-president Rene Luis Tadle announced the distribution of some P2.4 million to the teachers as part of their share from the tuition increase of 2000 to 2002 during the faculty assembly last July 15.

Tadle explained the delay was caused by some difficulties in the accounting and proportioning of the amount. Each faculty member would receive an average of P1.64 per unit, multiplied by 53 months (AY 2000-2001 to present), depending on the teaching load and professorial status.

In addition, Tadle also announced that the hospitalization rates for the Union members have improved due to the Union’s savings for the past eight years.

According to the USTFU Update, the Union’s official newsletter, some 139 doctors have volunteered to render their services for free or at very low rates. Also, if the total cost of hospitalization is less than P47,000, it would be shouldered by the Union’s hospitalization fund.

Meanwhile, Tadle urged the faculty to be firm in asserting their rights and let themselves be “heard” through “better management and well-planned activities” during the seminar “Labor Education: Key to a Strong Republic” last July 21 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex auditorium.

“Not much attention is given to (the Union) because (we are not organized),” Tadle said. “On the other hand, school owners and principals’ (opinions) are heard because they are organized and usually head the education sector in the government.”

The other speakers include Federation of Free Workers executive vice-president Antonio Asper, also discussed union management and the duties of the union members. J.R.T. Cabangcalan and C.D. Smith

Halamang lunas sa kanser, matatagpuan sa Unibersidad


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