“(Proclamation 1017 is different from) Proclamation 1081 (Martial Law). people were subjected to graver physical abuse then.”
Rebecca David, Faculty of Pharmacy professor

“Proclamation 1017 is supposedly a passive declaration. It doesn’t grant additional powers to the President unlike Martial Law. But what happened was a quasi-Martial Law (after the arrests and bans).”
Bobby Montaña, Faculty of Arts and Letters professor

“Magkaiba yung dalawa (proclamations). Mas matindi ngayon kasi hindi inaasahan ng mga tao yung deklarasyon. Hindi mo alam bigla ka na lang dadamputin.”
Henry dela Cruz, UST security guard and former Philippine Marine

“The two proclamations are different in terms of effects. Martial Law affected the people physically while 1017 is more on the mental side.”
Ericson Sanchez, junior Civil Engineering student

“The two proclamations are similar if one considers the troubling effect both have caused the public. The people didn’t have the slightest idea of what could happen next. Most wondered whether they could still go about with their daily routine or just stay at home to avoid possible problems.”
Viralysa Ifurung, graduating Journalism student

“Proclamation 1071 is constitutional because it was declared on a legal basis to suppress rebellion. What’s wrong was the military and the police used powers that are availabvle only to martial law or during the supsension of habeas corpus.
Roberto Abad, Faculty of Civil Law professor

University to petition appeals court ruling


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