THE UNIVERSITY posted remarkable passing rates in the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, Architecture, and Pharmacy licensure exams held last January.

Thomasian Kristel Anne Nicolas Buenaventura topped the Occupational Therapy licensure exams with a 79.8 per cent passing mark while Stephanie Ann Gomez Balid (79.2 per cent), Rachel Mae Abadilla Callanta (77.4 per cent), and Allan Duque Carpio (77.0 per cent) landed in the second, seventh, and ninth spots, respectively.

The University had an 88 per cent passing rate as seven out of eight Thomasians who took the exams passed.

“They were all good as were the past batches. It’s just that the number of examinees was lesser so one’s failure could make a big difference in the University’s passing rate,” Occupational Therapy department chair Joel Guerrero said.

On the other hand, UST had a 100 per cent passing rate in the Physical Therapy examinations as the only Thomasian who took the exam passed.

The national passing rate for the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy licensure exams is 39 per cent as 405 out of 1,049 passed.

In the Architecture licensure examinations, UST Architecture’s Victor Paul Garcia Cheng placed sixth with an 80.90 per cent mark while another ThomasianAngelo Laurilla Raralio placed eighth with an 80.30 per cent passing mark.

UST ranked third in the 20 or more examinees category with a 60 per cent passing rate as 25 of the 42 Thomasians passed. The national passing rate was 50 per cent as 370 out of 735 examinees passed.

In the Pharmacy board exams, Hansel James Benigno Bulaclac, former president of the Pharmacy Student Council, took the tenth spot with an 88.50 per cent mark.

Nearly 900 students graduate with honors

The University’s passing rate was 73 per cent while the national passing rate was 55 per cent as a total of 563 out of 1,033 examinees passed the exams.


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