THE UST Center for Creative Writing and Studies (CCWS) will release a special issue of Tomas, its official journal, on July 15 at the UST Museum. The edition will feature artworks from College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) professors, thus deviating from its usual text-heavy format.

“This issue is special because part of the Tomas is dedicated to painting and poetry, and this is the first time it will happen,” CCWS director Ophelia Dimalanta said.

Released once every semester since September 2000, Tomas, now on its ninth issue, will showcase poetry written by the center’s writers that interpret the artworks of CFAD faculty members.

To continue the CCWS’s tie-up with the Conservatory of Music, the launch will also feature titled an interactive performance between poets and musicians.

The new issue of Tomas will also contain contributions from fellows of the 6th UST National Writers’ Workshop. Edsel Van d.T. Dura

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