Agaton. Photo by Lester G. BabieraTHE TEMPTATION to give in to life’s pleasures and even the need to carry on with day-to-day tasks are the toughest hurdles in humanity’s bid to sustain the planet, a Varsitarian staffer wrote in an essay that won second place in a national writing contest.

Varsitarian Special Reports writer Andrewly Agaton’s entry titled “Break the Limitations” bested participants from all over the country in the essay-writing competition sponsored by the Manila Times and Manila Jaycees last April 16.

Agaton said the youth has a particular role to play in helping society rescue the “degrading planet.”

Agaton emphasized energy conservation by cutting the use of fossil fuels and plastics. To slow down the effects of climate change because of “heavy metropolitan pollution,” Agaton suggested carpooling and the use of commuter trains. Bicycles are also a “cheaper and healthier” means of transport.

“It would be better to use the express trains more often than vehicles using gasoline or diesel to go around places,” Agaton said.

Aware of how power generation by burning fossil fuel contributes to air pollution, Agaton said the youth should not abuse the use of electricity most especially in homes.

On a personal note, Agaton said he refuses to use plastic bags when buying from convenience stores and sees to it that the items he buys are made of natural ingredients.

Even smoking, which is dangerous to the body, has negative effects on nature, he said. Studies show that elements in cigarettes such as methane, cadmium, and arsenic largely contribute to air pollution.

“Making the planet healthy starts from within. Once you live healthy, your environment will also be healthy,” said Agaton, who is also a member of Earth-UST, an organization promoting environmental awareness.



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