THOMASIANS will enter the quadricentennial school year paying a four-percent tuition increase, lower than the initially recommended six-percent hike and last year’s five-percent tuition rise.

“The increase is mainly to balance the loss of buying power due to [the] inflation rate,” University Comptroller Diomedes Yadao said.

Initially, the administration proposed a six-percent tuition hike, which is higher than the country’s inflation projection of 3.5 to 5.5 percent for this year. March’s inflation rate was 4.4 percent.

“But after considering concerns from parents and students, finally, it was settled at four percent,” Yadao said.

Former Central Student Council president Jeanne Luz Castillo said the increase was “reasonable.”

“We know that an increase is inevitable, but our goal was to at least temper the increase to [what is] really necessary and reasonable,” Castillo said.

With the four-percent increase, students will now pay P1,172 per unit, P45 more than the P 1,127 per unit charged last academic year.

Under the law, 70 percent of tuition increases must go to salaries of school faculty and staff, 20 percent to the operational expenses of the school, and 10 percent to return on investment.

Faculty pay was recently increased by two percent (see story below).

“The rising price of basic supplies, like electricity and water, and the need for faculty [and] employees to maintain the purchasing value of their compensation, prompted the increase [of] the amount of tuition and [other] fees students pay,” Yadao said.

This year’s hike is relatively lower than the previous years because the University had “also considered the economic condition of the country today,” he added.

UST reaches out through music

But some parents still find the increase inconsiderate.

“Parents are already having a hard time working and earning to have their children finish their education. Not all parents are rich so they could not afford the increase,” said Susan Uang, mother of an incoming journalism senior.

Castillo defended the increase.

“The families will be affected by the tuition increase, but as guaranteed by our administration, the effects of the increase will be felt through better services and facilities, thus, better education,” she explained.

UST Faculty Union president Gil Gamilla agreed.

“[The four percent tuition hike] is humane,” Gamilla said. “[It is based from] whatever the student leaders and the administration have agreed upon.”

The administration conducts a tuition consultation with parents, students, and other stakeholders every February to discuss concerns with regard to the tuition increase for the following school year.

Yadao said UST only ranked fifth among other major colleges and universities in terms of rate per unit.

Last school year, Ateneo de Manila University charged P2,592 per unit; De La Salle University-Manila, P1,942 per unit; Miriam College, P 1,575 per unit; and Mapua Institute of Technology, P1,411 per unit.

Yadao said Ateneo will increase its rate by four percent this school year, La Salle, five percent; and Mapua; six percent.

The “Committee on Tuition Fees,” which facilitated the tuition consultation, was composed of Yadao; Gonzales; Fr. Manuel F. Roux, O.P., vice rector for finance; Clarita Carillo, assistant to the rector for academic affairs and research; Pilar Romero, assistant to the Rector for administration; Rodolfo Clavio, registrar; Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P., auditor; assistant treasurers Fr. Jose Ma. Tinoko, O.P. and Fr. Isaias Tiongco, O.P.; and lawyer Leonardo Syjuco. Jilly Anne A. Bulauan


  1. Buti napabisita ako dito at nalaman kong may tuition increase. ‘Di na natin mapipigilan kung may increase, but sana makita ng lahat ang paglalaanan ng perang makukuha. PLEASE. Mag-release din sana ng updated table of fees. Ang nangyari sa amin dati, iba yoong nasa myUste site at ung actual na babayaran.

  2. “Faculty pay was recently increased by two percent (see story below).”

    Nakakainit lang talaga ng dugo ah. Kung tataasan nila ang pay sa mga prof, siguraduhin naman ng UST na COMPETENT at NAGTUTURO talaga ang mga propesor na kinukuha nila, dahil andaming prof na sobrang “olats” talaga. Ganoon ang nakikita ko sa AB e, ewan ko lang sa ibang colleges. Dahil sayang ang ginagapang ng mga magulang para lang makapagbayad ng matrikula ng mga anak nila. Hindi naman lahat ng nag-aaral sa UST, mayaman.

  3. Increase. Increase. Increase. I hope they let us sleep within UST if they’re gonna do this. Hmm… so it’s about inflation eh. I get that. We’re not some son a billionaire like Villar. I do hope they reduce student expenses like less requirement of books. Money is a big thing you know, but I’ll understand as long as it is “by-all-means-valid.”
    -concerned angry student

    P.S.: I hope they give me a scholarship after airing my grievance.

  4. I’d accept the increase if and only if I’d see visible, positive changes and development within the campus. I hope that this increase would elevate the level of academic competence of the university and its students.

  5. ACADEMIC COMPETENCE! Ang mahal ng binabayad naming estudyante! Tama! Hindi lahat ng nag-aaral sa UST mayaman. 😐

  6. I didn’t hear about this until I enrolled. Inform the students well, they don’t just ask money from their parents easily, and please, have the breakdown of fees available for all, post it perhaps. That’s why many are becoming skeptical, whether these are just for the quadricentennial celebration, you know, the fireworks. Tsk.

    • I totally agree with you. But, in fairness to the University, all our pyrotechnic displays are sponsored by Thomasian business tycoons. One being Lucio Tan, who also supported the construction of the Tan Yan Kee student center.

  7. sana po inaupdate rin nila ang students. like posting an updated schedule of fees sa UST website. kasi 2nd semester pa po ng SY2009-2010 ang nakapost sa website. Dahil po dun, marami pong students ang kulang po yung dalang pang tuition. Sobrang malaking abala po ito sa students lalo na po yung mga galing pa sa province!


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